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Parts by Number for D Type 25 Pin Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
D38999/26WJ35PC ASAP Semiconductor ITT Not Provided CIRCULAR, SIZE 25, 128WAYS, PIN; Connector Type:Circular Militar
D38999/24WJ61PB ASAP Semiconductor AMPHENOL Not Provided CIRCULAR, SIZE 25, 61WAY, PIN; Connector Type:Circular Military;
D38999/26MJ37AN ASAP Semiconductor AMPHENOL Not Provided CIRCULAR, SIZE 25, 37WAY, PIN; Connector Type:Circular Military;
D38999/20WJ90PN ASAP Semiconductor AMPHENOL Not Provided CIRCULAR, SIZE 25, 46WAY, PIN; Connector Type:Circular Military;
D25S24A6RV09LF ASAP Semiconductor FCI Not Provided SOCKET, 25 WAY STRAIGHT PIN IN PASTE; Connector Type:D Sub; Seri
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    Republic. Technology. Sokola Tůmy 743/16. Ostrava-Mariánské Hory 70900. Pin Installation. Parts Feeding. Czech Republic. Technology. Technology. Tel/Fax. +420 417 537 979. Asia Pacific Spirol Asia Headquarters. 1st Floor, Building 22, Plot D9, District D. No. 122 HeDan Road. Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade
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