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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DAC715PB PLC Radwell Texas Instruments Semi Not Provided 16-BIT DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTER; RESOLUTION (BI
DAC7821IPW PLC Radwell Texas Instruments Semi Not Provided DIGITAL/ANALOG CONVERTERS; RESOLUTION (BITS):12; S
DAC8871SPW PLC Radwell Texas Instruments Semi Not Provided DIGITAL/ANALOG CONVERTERS; RESOLUTION (BITS):16; S
DAC0800LCMX Perfect Parts Corporation TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC Digital to Analog Converter PARALLEL, 8 BITS INPUT LOADING, 0.1 us SETTLING TIME, 8-BIT DAC, PDSO16
DAC5652MPFBREP Perfect Parts Corporation TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC Digital to Analog Converter PARALLEL, WORD INPUT LOADING, 0.02 us SETTLING TIME, 10-BIT DAC, PQFP48
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  • Hyperbit: Patented New Technology Increases DAC Resolution and Provides Improved Positioning Resolution.
    analog. motion device is similarly divided into 4,096 possible. Since today’s is a digital world, an analog drive. locations. A 16-bit DAC would divide the same. command is usually generated by a digital-to-analog. Range into 65,536 steps, thereby providing sixteen. converter (DAC) chip someplace
  • Pipelined Analog-to-digital Converters (ADCs)
    ), and an m-bit D/A converter (DAC). First, the sample-and-hold circuit of the first stage acquires the signal. The m-bit flash converter then converts the sampled signal to digital data. The conversion result forms the most significant bits of the digital output. This same digital output is fed
  • Designing with the MCP3901 Dual Channel Analog-to-Digital Converters (.pdf)
    distortion. I. created by the converter itself. With delta-sigma. D. MCP3901. MCU. analog-to-digital converters, there is a subset of this. distortion referred to as idle tones. These idle tones are. ID. a by-product of the combined quantization effect and. IA. V. V. D. A. high-frequency bit-stream
  • Färggrafiken i en dator
    The color graphic in a computer How the graphic card is built?: There are three components which are important on a graphic card: the memory, the graphic processor and the DAC. DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) is the unit that convert the digital signal from the graphic memory to analogous signals
  • Driving the Analog Inputs of a SAR A/D Converter
    to realize that the. Signal. Digital. controller. Source. Converter. Engine. SAR ADC operates in the frequency domain. This is. true even though you may think that you are measuring. Filter. near DC signals. If there is a noise source in the sys-. DAC or. tem, the “DC” conversion from sample
  • Digital Signal Processors "Think " Analog But Work Digitally
    and a decompression routine restores the data to its original form. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) changes the digital values back to an analog voltage that is applied to the amplifier and speaker. The algorithm used in the DSP is called a mpression-decompression. The most common codecs today
  • Provisioning Analog I/O in Configurable Systems
    -modulated digital output. When the integrator output is above a reference voltage, the sampling circuitry turns on the DAC and gradually drives the integrator back down. The pulse train coming out of the sampling circuit provides a digital representation of the analog input. Figure 1. DSM techniques
  • Sensing Air Flow with the PIC16C781
    Programmable Switch Mode Controllers (PSMC) are not just for switching power supplies. This technical brief describes how to use the PIC16C781 PSMC in combination with the Integrated Operational Amplifier, Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC), and gated timer to construct a thermally operated air flow

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