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Parts by Number for Dairy Metal Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Silvaloy A-45   Bellman-Melcor LLC Nonferrous Metals and Alloys Silvaloy A-45 is a good general purpose alloy often used when cadmium must be avoided such as in the dairy and food industries. It is also used for brazing in the electrical industry and for brazing brass parts such as ships' piping, band instruments, lamps, etc.
Straight Noble Metal Thermocouple Series   Acrolab Ltd. Temperature Probes Acrolab's thermocouples, RTDs, Thermistors and accessories are suitable for plastic injection, medical/pharmaceutical, chemical, food, dairy, agricultural and general industrial applications. Our RTD Assemblies utilize wire wound platinum elements and are of the "filled tube" or "MgO" construction...
Silvaloy A-30   Bellman-Melcor LLC Metal Strip Silvaloy A-30 does not contain cadmium and is often used as an alternate to cadmium containing alloys when the brazed assembly comes in contact with food or dairy products. Its slightly higher melt temperature provides improved mechanical strengths when exposed to elevated temperatures. It is used...
Silvaloy 50N   Bellman-Melcor LLC Metal Sheet Silvaloy 50N is a modification of Silvaloy 50. It was originally introduced because of somewhat better corrosion resistance than Silvaloy 50 for certain conditions, and is still used for such purposes. It has proven successful on many marine applications and for dairy equipment which must withstand...
SILVALOY ® A-50   Wolverine Joining Technologies Filler Alloys and Consumables SILVALOY A50 is widely used for brazing in the electrical industry, as well as in the dairy and food industries where the use of cadmium-containing filler metals is prohibited. SILVALOY A50 has a broad melting range making it a good choice for filling wide joint clearances or forming large fillets...

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    A Better Measure for B12 Vitamin B12 is actually a family of compounds called cobalamins, each of which has its own potential biological activity, in terms of absorption and potency. Meat and dairy products contain naturally occurring forms of B12. A synthetic form, called cyanocobalamin, is used
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