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  • Hollow bearings dampen vibrations
    Hollow cylindrical roller bearings are used in machine-tool spindles and other precision positioning equipment. Hollow-cylindrical-roller bearings are intended for light load applications, including all types of grinding, machining, and milling spindles. They use hollow cylindrical rollers instead
  • Xylan Quiets Blower, Improves Efficiency
    How much noise can a coating dampen? That depends on the application, but the results obtained in diesel engines are indicative.
  • Turbulence Splash Shield
    Turbulence in tanks will cause false signals. A splash shield will dampen this wave action, thus averaging the liquid level. All liquid level controls can have a splash shield added to them. Standard float switches can have a splash shield added in the field without any special tools
  • 030194-New_ultrafast_laser
    that dampen all vibrations, underneath air filters that suck up all dust, and surrounded by thick black curtains that shield out all light, sits a glittering array of tiny mirrors, lenses, and prisms. Between them whizzes a narrow, often invisible, beam of light. This sophisticated apparatus, one
  • Coupling Motion Systems for Zero Backlash
    and stops inherently cause vibration in this type of system. Couplings that dampen these vibrations reduce settling times and increase through-put. The second type of system operates in a constant scanning mode. Unlike the stopand- go approach,
  • Reinventing the industrial shock absorber
    , prevent impact damage, dampen noise, and increase equipment speeds. They're also simple to apply. One need only approximate the correct size shock from a few different models and then tune it on the machine for best performance. But ever since William J. Chorkey patented the first adjustable industrial
  • Medical Device Link .
    branched into other fields as well, including oncology, genomics, and the much anticipated pharmacogenomics testing arena. The total market segment is projected to reach $35 billion by 2015. Although NATs have enjoyed steady growth, there are several issues that still dampen acceptance
  • New from the Fab Labs: Lightweight but Superstrong Parts
    as well as help facilitate bone ingrowth. In general, lattice structures can reduce weight, transfer heat, absorb impact, dampen vibration, and be engineered to a specific stiffness. Electron-beam machines (e-machines) have a build envelope around 200 200 180 mm and a build platform usually made from

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  • Water problem in the context of regional stability risks
    The issue of the conflict potential of water in Central Asia was long neglected in comparison with the konfliktgeladenen water systems of the region of the Near and Middle East on the part of the German and English-speaking political science.
  • Innovations for a sustainable water management
    For creation of a base for a wide conversion of sustainable water systems there is a still containing need for action.
  • Hydroelectric plants
    The sections on drive water systems , sediment management, hydraulic flow machines for small flows and low case heights underwent an extensive revision furthermore in particular over energy storage, particularly pumping storage power stations, over the current composite network more remote over fish …
  • Technical development of buildings
    Passes the possibility to connect to the rain water channel what requires the agreement of building supervision by separating channelization, the connection takes place expediently over a seeping collector on the transfer-revision shaft of the rain water system .
  • Renewable energies
    As a whole, the costs of the other components are at about 90 to 160 €/m2 for decentralized solarthermische drinking warm water systems .
  • Renewable energies
    In central solarthermischen drinking warm water systems , were determined for exemplarily laid out systems of costs between 65 and 130 €/m2.
  • Building technique for drinking water
    Right / tendering planner adhesion index [51] Federal Environment Agency (Hrsg.): recommendation of the drinking water commission for risk assessment, for occurrence and to measures by the detection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in drinking water systems .
  • Renewable energies in Austria
    Legionellen can multiply in drinking warm water systems strongly and become a health risk for the human thereby.