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  • Vibration Dampening
    Examples are hammers, presses and rollers in the metal and steel industry, crushers and disintegrators in the stone processing industry, weaving machines in the textile industry, cutting tools in machining centers, fans and pumps in labs and cleanrooms. This figure shows the temporal course of a
  • Dampening Cavity Resonance Using Absorber Material- RF Design, May 2004
    Today, many microwave circuit designers are noticing that their circuits do not perform as well as predicted when they enclose them with circuit board covers. As a result, cavity resonances are set up inside the cavity, which changes the impedance conditions required for proper operation of some
  • Operating Principles for Inductive Proximity Sensors
    causes a dampening of the oscillation amplitude. The rise or fall of such oscillation is identified by a threshold circuit that changes the output of the sensor. The operating distance of the sensor depends on the actuator's shape and size and is strictly linked to the nature of the material (Table
  • Medical Device Link .
    rotary tables. Speeds up to 250 rpm are possible on the rotation axis and up to 150 rpm on the swivel axis, with a swivel range of +-110 . A concrete polymer base provides rigidity, vibration dampening, and high thermal stability. Spindle motors are liquid cooled with hybrid ceramic ball bearings
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    spindle that develops full power in its entire speed range can produce fine surface finishes when used with an infrared workpiece-measuring touch probe that has an accuracy of �0.001 mm. The machine features a C-form base frame made of vibration-dampening polymer concrete,. EMDM - October
  • Quieting Impact and Vibration (.pdf)
    Spring technology for dampening is relatively old. Stagecoaches had leaf springs, early trains had large, crude, coil-spring buffers (to absorb shocks when cars bumped together) and early automobiles made use of simple springs for dampening as well. However, these early springs were roughly
  • Medical Device Link .
    manager for Vaupell Rapid Solutions, a molder in Hudson, NH. Material deposited by a second shot can perform a number of functions, from shock absorption to noise and vibration dampening. (Molding) Multishot Makes Inroads in Medical Molding (MDDI archive, Jan 07). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation
  • Medical Device Link .
    , brand identification, and property modification. The process can add functionality to a product (e.g., noise and vibration dampening, waterproofing, and shock absorption) and increase a product 's value. Overmolding falls into the broad category of multimaterial molding, along with coinjection