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  • Vibration Dampening
    Examples are hammers, presses and rollers in the metal and steel industry, crushers and disintegrators in the stone processing industry, weaving machines in the textile industry, cutting tools in machining centers, fans and pumps in labs and cleanrooms. This figure shows the temporal course of a
  • Dampening Pressure Spikes During Valve Switching
    Equilibar precision back pressure regulators were used in reactor research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory to eliminate pressure and flow spikes that were occurring when alternate feed sources were selected with a switching valve.
  • Dampening Cavity Resonance Using Absorber Material- RF Design, May 2004
    Today, many microwave circuit designers are noticing that their circuits do not perform as well as predicted when they enclose them with circuit board covers. As a result, cavity resonances are set up inside the cavity, which changes the impedance conditions required for proper operation of some
  • Quieting Impact and Vibration (.pdf)
    Spring technology for dampening is relatively old. Stagecoaches had leaf springs, early trains had large, crude, coil-spring buffers (to absorb shocks when cars bumped together) and early automobiles made use of simple springs for dampening as well. However, these early springs were roughly
  • Contemporary Rotating Unions for Modern Printing Machines
    or cooling circuit for maintaining the temperature of ink application rollers, printing ink unit or dampening system....
  • Fall Guys: Deforming Dampeners (.pdf)
    Some designs such as packaging-machinery frames rarely if ever endure internal shock loading or impact. In other cases, often in end-user products, designs are lower in cost. In both instances, deforming dampening elements made of synthetic material can provide emergency or lightweight shock
  • Operating Principles for Inductive Proximity Sensors
    causes a dampening of the oscillation amplitude. The rise or fall of such oscillation is identified by a threshold circuit that changes the output of the sensor. The operating distance of the sensor depends on the actuator's shape and size and is strictly linked to the nature of the material (Table
  • Butyl
    Butyl is a commonly used term for the isobutylene isoprene elastomer. It is known for its resistance to water, steam, alkalis and oxygenated solvents. Butyl has a low-gas permeation and is capable of providing high-energy absorption (dampening), as well as good hot tear strength. The suggested

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  • Structural dynamics
    Abb. 4.3 The modal decoupling by undimmed or proportionally damped system , pretask: homogeneous solution, generalized sizes .
  • The Printing Ink Manual
    Fig. 6.7 Harris Duotrol dampening system .
  • Hydropneumatic spring systems
    Also, a graduated adjustability can already lead to good results, how this is the case in the damping system ADS respectively zweistufig adjustable in train and pressure stage (Adaptive Dämpfungs system ) of Bill stone, [SCM00].
  • Driving dynamics-control
    In the train of the lightweight construction, arise relatively elastic and through the material, weakly damped systems that thus incline to vibrations.
  • Machine tools 5
    6-59 of the systems proportionally viscously damped ) for the case in following form to be written: .
  • Machine dynamics
    The equations of motion the free 's viscously damped systems have the following form in die writing manner: M Rq C B Pq C Cq D o .
  • Manual combustion engine
    Come today almost exclusively rotativ operating instep units from different construction forms of toothed belt instep systems with a mechanical damping system for insert.
  • Dynamics of schwingungsfähiger systems
    the system damp to be determined.