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  • Full-Scale High-Speed Schlieren Imaging Of Explosions And Gunshots (.pdf)
    described several schlieren arrangements having. extensive light sources, small lenses, and a resulting field-of-view roughly half the size of the light source. In his. schlieren method number 4, diagrammed in Fig. 1, a large source grid consisting of dark and bright lines is imaged by a. lens upon
  • Imaging on a Gland Scale
    during injurious states such as temporal lobe epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Postscripts.qxd BIOPHOTONICS. POST SCRIPTS by Benjamin D. Butkus, Associate News Editor. A dark-field image reveals axons. (yellow) and cell bodies (red. outlined in yellow) of reproductive. neuroendocrine neurons
  • 4 Keys to Maximizing Digital Imaging Capture (.pdf)
    inspection, high-speed document. pixels are single pixels that suffer from significant leakage current. scanning, and fluoroscopy, in which light hits an object and the. compared to neighboring pixels, such that in dark these pixels are. object fluoresces at a particular wavelength of light. Because
  • MICRO: Products
    for 65-nm wafer inspection, the 302 system combines both bright-field and dark-field inspection technologies in one tool. For bright-field inspection, the system's Step &Image 2-D imaging technology replaces traditional TDI CCD technology, which is slow and jitter-prone. The system is also effective
  • System Design Relating to Lens Assemblies (.pdf)
    . These are accomplished using dark field Koehler. datasets. Here we describe the design goals and details of. illumination. our imager, comprehensively evaluate its performance and. The essential components of the optical system are sche-. discuss some general issues of array imaging that motivated. matically shown
  • Hubble Observations Shed New Light on Jupiter Collision
    and ground-based telescopes, shed new light on Jupiter's atmospheric winds, it's immense magnetic field, the mysterious dark debris from the impacts, and the composition of the doomed comet itself. These early results are being presented at a press conference today at NASA Headquarters in Washington
  • Michelson Interferometer Whitepaper
    , there will be an interference pattern (light and dark bands) that results from the variation of the optical path over the aperture of the Michelson. Michelson Interferometer Whitepaper. Optical Calculators. Optics Catalog. Motion Control Catalog. Library. Contact Us. Home. High Power Lasers. CO2 lasers. Excimer lasers
  • Hubble Finds Intergalactic Stars
    NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has found a long sought population of "stellar outcasts" stars tossed out of their home galaxy into the dark emptiness of intergalactic space. This is the first time stars have been found more than 300,000 light-years (three Milky Way diameters) from the nearest big

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