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  • Dark Count
    Next to the quantum efficiency, resolution (number of bits) and noise figure, this is perhaps the most important CCD specification. Dark count refers to that property of all CCD sensors to generate charge in each pixel on its own with time and depending on the temperature. The lower the temperature
  • Readout Noise
    , but by the CCD! Most applications are not read noise limited, but are limited more by background or dark noise. CCD University Shopping Cart Checkout Order Tracking Readout Noise Readout noise is specified both
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR)
    The Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) is the key parameter to predict the performances of an I2 tube in low light conditions. In the lowest light conditions, the image quality is highly dependent upon the light level. When it is very dark (below highly overcast starlight), even with the best tubes
  • A CMOS Active Pixel Image Sensor with In-pixel CDS for High-Speed Cameras (.pdf)
    and the photodiode area of 15 x 12.7µm2 is 34V/lux-sec. At 1000frames/sec, noise level is 2.43mVrms (dark). The noise level and the sensitivity are greatly improved compared with a 3Tr. type APS implemented with the same technology and a previous version of the APS with in-pixel CDS
  • Astronomers Find Part Of Universe's Missing Matter
    our own. And a completely different kind of mystery matter -- dark matter -- may have put it there. The results appear in the current issue of the journal To make this latest discovery, astronomers at Ohio State University and. Astronomers Find Part Of Universe's Missing Matter. OSU News Research
  • UA Scientist & Team Discover Surface Features Cover Titan
    Scientists for the first time have made images of the surface of Saturn's giant, haze-shrouded moon, Titan. They mapped light and dark features over the surface of the satellite during nearly a complete 16-day rotation. One prominent bright area they discovered is a surface feature 2,500 miles
  • Novel Interferometer Enables Challenging Measurements
    for measuring large telescope optics, general purpose optics, disk drive substrates and media, flat panel display components and lithography optics. In an interferometer, light reflecting from a test and reference surface combine to produce patterns of light and dark fringes called "interferograms
  • Wired 10.11: The Planet Seekers
    Giant ground-based telescopes and adaptive optics have brought a new age in astronomy. Now the field's brightest stars are racing to take the first photograph of another world. Ray Jayawardhana says, pointing to a bright spot on a dark computer screen. "Right there. " He's sitting in the hushed

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