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  • Remote Monitoring For a Hangar's Backup Generator
    backup battery. Supervisors needed to collect real time data on the battery's status and to ensure that the solar panels and generator were sized properly, so CAS DataLoggers offered them a single solution capable of automatically tracking the generator's critical values. Remote Monitoring
  • Why the Smart Grid will fail without reliable Backup Power
    on the. maintenance has declined by 1% annually since 1990.4. physical, data management and support of IT. infrastructure was profound – and we are about to. Alpha Technologies Ltd. 4. White Paper: Why the Smart Grid Will Fail Without Reliable Backup Power. experience the same fundamental shift
  • Cellular Backup Network for Security Systems
    Security and communications systems combine voice, data and video within a structured system that often includes access control. Learn how Moxa's cellular IP modems can provide network redundancy for such mission-critical applications. Moxa Application-Backup for Security Systems. Global / English
  • Arc Flash Safety in 400V Data Centers
    . Command Consoles. Office Furniture. Lab Furniture. Legacy Products. Select a UPS. Order a Catalog. Find a Reseller. Register a Product. Download Software & Drivers. Become a Reseller. Related Information. View all white papers. View Mobile Site. Products & Services. Backup Power (UPS). Power
  • Computer Power User Article - Noteworthy Handheld Software
    is available for Windows and Mac desktops, and the company also offers other options such as BackupBuddyVFS for self-contained mobile backups to an expansion card and BackupBuddy.NET, which provides full wireless backup for Treos. FileMan is a full-featured file management app for Palm OS devices
  • Medical Device Link . Advancing Technologies Put Device Software on the Fast Track Steven Halasey
    ," notes Brower. "Often device software is tested without the system in mind, rather than as a part of a whole system. Device companies also tend to be weak in testing the backup modes and failure conditions related to their devices." To some, however, such differences have been advantageous. "Rigid
  • Don't Lose Your Data-Log Directly Onto Your dataTaker
    perform this by inserting a USB stick into the front and using the data logger 's FREE dEX graphical software to schedule an OnInsert job for convenient backup. Simply run the command and it creates a USB stick program to reprogram the dataTaker, and if you ever lose the program, you can always just
  • Five Essential Components for Highly Reliable Data Centers (.pdf)
    is critical to. than $5 billion on backup power systems, according to industry. identify trends, uncover root causes and implement strategies. analysts at the Darnell Group. for improvement. Without the ability to connect information. and compare this information to established baseline data. While