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  • Driving the Analog Inputs of a SAR A/D Converter
    . In this application note we will delve into the issues surrounding the SAr Converter's input and conversion nuances to insure that the converter is handled properly from the beginning of the design phase. We will also review the specifications available in most A/D Converter data sheets and identify
  • Medical Device Link . Testing Medical Devices for Year 2000 Compliance
    that the device continues to save data properly but also that it functions properly as a subset of the larger system. For devices with an internal battery, the system clock should maintain the correct date and time during the testing process. Devices that reset their system clock to a year other than
  • Medical Device Link . Laser Marking Medical Devices and Packaging
    of the material to. Laser Marking Medical Devices and Packaging (MDDI archive, Feb 98). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search Try Our Advanced Search. Contact us
  • Precise Inputs for a Cleaner Environment
    reaching groundwater, says Dale A. Bucks, ARS national program leader for water quality management. But the emphasis soon expanded to include nitrates in surface water and groundwater and pesticides in surface water. "Now the program also emphasizes phosphorus and collects data on air quality, soil
  • A Clock Design Using the PIC16C54 for LED Displays and Switch Inputs
    The purpose of this application note is to design a clock while multiplexing the features as much as possible, allowing the circuit to use the 18-pin PIC16C54. Other devices in the Microchip line expand on this part, making it a good starting point for learning the basics. This design is useful
  • Using a Digital Input to Start and Stop a Grant SQ20XX Data Logger
    Many Grant Squirrel owners want to use their logger's digital input to extend logging duration since they don't need the device to continually log data, and this also helps users who don't want to sift through a massive amount of data to get the specific information they need. Using a Digital Input
  • Medical Device Link . International EMC Compliance Simplified Selecting the right standard is crucial to attaining product certification for electromedical devices.
    some basic ITU requirements. These include: The device shall not emit radio frequencies at a level that will cause interference with other devices. If a device causes interference with another device, the device creating the interference shall solve the interference, even if it means correcting
  • Optima-Series Latch Input Examples (.pdf)
    ",wafer, " IS. ",width[wafer] Display. data. wafer=wafer+1 Increment. variable. JP#LIST2,wafer <10 Loop. until. done. EN End. program. The Results. Figure 2 shows the resulting message after running the program. It confirms that with. the opto-isolated inputs running with the predefined arrays