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Parts by Number for Daylight Lamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
RL-16D0-0538 Digi-Key Lighting Science Group Corporation Optoelectronics LED MR16 DAYLIGHT WHITE 4700K
LF72B PLC Radwell Danaher Controls Not Provided BLUE/WHITE (DAYLIGHT) FLUORESCENT LAMP

Conduct Research Top

  • Solar LED Lamp Application Using the CAT4139
    . Solar. operation is described in Section Boost Driver. module, PCB and LEDs were encapsulated between two glass. Battery cell is charged during daylight, when average. sheets. Surrounding aluminum profiles hermetically sealed. voltage on solar module (SOLAR+ pin) is around 4.2 V. inner volume
  • Medical Device Link .
    A series of snap-in light-emitting diode (LED) -based panel-mount indicators includes high-brightness versions suitable for viewing under daylight conditions. Also included in the 559 series are 5- and 12-V indicators with integral resistors; low-current, high-efficiency indicators; and two
  • Turn-key Potting Benefits OEM Electronics Producer
    Although it is still early afternoon as the 1191 sedan eases onto the freeway, the driver switches on his headlights. It is the law in Canada. A sophisticated electronic module immediately senses the presence of day-light, automatically reduces wattage to the headlights by 20 percent and switches
  • Medical Device Link .
    lamps, introduced about 15 years ago, addressed many of halogen's technical problems. As an arc lamp, its light source is only about 1 2 mm across, reducing spot size and allowing it to more precisely illuminate smaller-diameter fibers. Its color is much closer to daylight, 5600 K
  • Lighting up the night
    . The actual light-emitting portion is the small rectangular chip atop the cathode lead. Seven electronic billboards in Cleveland use daylight-visible red, green, and blue LEDs to form the picture elements, or pixels, in their display screens. The pixels are spaced on 20-mm centers across the 48 14 ft
  • LightKeeper Automotive Lighting Control Module
    of the regular switch. The system consists of a CdS photocell, a time delay. If exterior lamps are desired during daylight, either of. rheostat with an on-off switch, and the microcontroller. two methods can be used. module with built-in relays. Connections to the vehicle. Exterior lamps can be operated
  • Selecting the Right Solder Tip: Selecting the Right Size
    of the tip. There are plenty of types [...]. Previous post: Vendor News Roundup-May 2012. Next post: Product Spotlight: Daylight Triple Bright Lamp. Categories. All-Spec News. Cleaners and Aerosols. ESD News. Green Initiative. Guest Blog. Industry News. IT News. Magnifiers and Microscopes. New Products
  • New Technology Offers Better Choices in Spectrophotometers
    the rule in spectrophotometers. A xenon source generates a lot of light (enough to overpower any ambient light), and the spectrum of that light resembles daylight. However, xenon is a high-maintenance light source, requiring especially careful recalibration. Furthermore, fine-tuning a xenon-source

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