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  • What Are dB, Noise Floor & Dynamic Range?
    Most engineers are probably familiar with or have come across the decibel or dB as a unit of measurement. Its most common use is in the field of acoustics where it is used to quantify sound levels. However, as will be explained in this article, it is also useful for a wide variety of measurements
  • Noise Level Prediction for Moore Fans
    with their longest sides ad-. program will respond with the Total SPL in dBA and. jacent, separated by a constant distance (which may be. the spectrum in dP, at the specified point. zero.) All fans in the unit are identical. The fans are. arranged symmetrically in the bay(s). For example, if. SPL
  • Ceramic Ball Bearings
    a lower thermal expansion. K-Factor curve is typical y an indicator of bearing wear. The. coefficient, al owing the bearings to run with less friction even. graph in figure 1 details the performance of Manufacture C’s. at higher rotational speeds. unit after 1 week of operation; as can be seen
  • Signal Analysis Reference
    . ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Basic Units. Prefixes. Quantity. Unit. Symbol. Prefi x. Symbol. Multiple. length. meter. m. tera. T. 1012. mass. kilogram. kg. giga. G. 109. time. second. s. mega. M
  • How Does a CIP System Work?
    be ultrapure or even wifi (water. for injection) with conductivity too low for mag-. What can Endress+Hauser supply for. netic flowmeters. We have on several occasions. CIP systems?. used promass for these applications, for example,. Balance tank. Promass 40E, 80E or 80F. • Deltapilot S DB 50 S
  • Guidelines for Specifying Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers
    wave and the noise is isotropic, that is,. µPa. TVR is expressed in decibel form, i.e., dB. when the noise power per unit solid angle is the. re 1 µPa.m/V. Thus, a projector with a 150 dB re. same. As expected, the DI of a spherical. 1 µPa.m/V produces a pressure of 31.6x106. transducer is zero
  • A Short History and Review of Shielded Cables (.pdf)
    the silver-plated copper, nickel-plated cop- 9,000 yards of the yarn. Often you may. cable to maintain a low resistance. For per, high and low permeable irons, car- see the length as meters, which is not. increased shield effectiveness, a loose bon fibers, tinsel wire and aluminum. the unit Mr. Denier defined
  • Medical Device Link . EMI Testing in Medical Electronics
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