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  • Programming The AD35 DC/DC Converter
    Referring to Figure 1A, amplifier A1 consists of a low voltage op amp and a high voltage NPN transistor Q1. By grounding the negative output of the AD35, the converter operates as a single positive output DC/ DC from 0 to 200V. A1 through Q1 sets the VO ADJ voltage of AD35. At turn on, the 5VREF
  • DC/DC Converters In Power Sequencing Systems
    System power from multiple supply voltages utilize power up/down sequencing to avoid IC latch up, a potential cause of catastrophic failure of a system. Semiconductor companies offer different ICs to address most power system sequencing needs. When multiple DC/DC converters are used in a system
  • Dc motor impersonators
    Special algorithms make ac induction motors respond like variable-speed dc motors for fast PID control. The rotating speed of ac induction motors is determined by the frequency of ac applied to the stator, not the applied voltage. However, stator voltage must also drop to prevent excessive current
  • Operational Amplifier Topologies and DC Specifications
    gain amplifiers or instrumentation amplifiers whose building blocks are the op amp. Analog-to-Digital (A/D) converters are most typically driven by an amplifier in order to achieve good converter performance.
  • What Does "Equalize" Charging Do, and Why is it Needed?
    All batteries, even those assembled into unitized blocks, are all built of individual battery cells connected in series to obtain the required DC voltage. Like all manufactured products, there is variation between the capacities of each cell in the battery.
  • Offline UPS Reference Design Using the dsPIC DSC (.pdf)
    (steps up the DC battery voltage to a constant high-voltage DC) 2)Full-Bridge Inverter (converts DC voltage to a sinusoidal AC output) 3)Flyback Switch Mode Charger (current source and charges battery with constant current)
  • Enhancing Power Delivery System Designs with CMOS-Based Isolated Gate Drivers (.pdf)
    As emerging green standards challenge designers to deliver more energy-efficient, cost-effective and reliable power delivery systems in smaller form factors, the need for greater power and isolation device integration becomes increasingly important. A critical building block within ac-dc
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    signals. Projects include a dc-coupled biopotential. amplifier with automatic offset cancellation, biopotential amplifier with dc rejection,. ac-coupled biopotential amplifier front end, bootstrapped ac-coupled biopotential amplifier,. biopotential amplifier with selectable RC bandpass filters

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