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  • DC Motors
    Industrial applications use direct current motors because the speed-torque relationship can be varied to almost any useful form -- for both motor and regeneration applications in either direction of rotation. Continuous operation of dc motors is commonly available over a speed range of 8:1
  • Brushless dc Motors in Medical Applications
    of design, though, BLDC and brushed-dc motors are almost direct opposites. The windings of a brushed-dc motor wind around the motor's rotating shaft or armature, whereas the windings of a BLDC motor are affixed to the motor housing. Likewise, the magnets of a brushed-dc motor attach to the motor housing
  • AC and DC Variable Speed Drives: Application Solutions
    Knowing what controller/motor package to use in a given situation is just one of the subjects covered in this overview of AC and DC drive application considerations. Published originally as a direct mail piece for distribution use, it has been updated with additional information on drive selection
  • Motors and Drives: A Practical Technology Guide
    products: brush DC servo drives, DC drives, SCR DC drives, stepper drives / motors, AC servo drives, and brushless DC servo drives. Though in smaller percentage of use, encoderless flux vector, closed loop vector, and direct torque control type drives are gaining in popularity. It is hoped that this book
  • Torque motors do the trick
    Direct-drive technology seems to be an ideal way to increase productivity, accuracy, and dynamic performance. It can also lower costs, simplify designs, and reduce wear. Torque motors are frameless kit motors consisting of a permanent-magnet rotor and laminated stator. A bridge keeps the rotor
  • Tiny Motors Make Big Moves
    and coil construction, these motors use piezoceramic compounds that pull or push armatures into position using direct physical contact. Leading the charge in these miniature motors is , a Swedish company allied with the Two maxims about today 's technology are that it does more in a smaller package
  • Snake-oil specs spell trouble for motor sizing
    accurate values for electrical and mechanical time constants, peak power, peak torque, and motor constants. This Servostar drive, for example, controls brushless motors, direct-drive motors, and servomotors using parameters derived from tests routinely performed to set up drives for robust motion
  • MicroPositioning Fundamentals
    options: stepper motors, DC motors, brushless motors, ActiveDriveTM and IntelliStageTM options * Manually and motor-driven rotation and tilt stages. Resolution <0.001 degrees, velocity up to 90 degrees/sec. Optional piezo drives with sub arc-second resolution. * 6-degree-of-freedom Hexapod positioning

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