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  • Regeneration vs. Dynamic Braking in DC Drives
    (now act-. ing as a generator), is inverted from DC directly back onto the AC. power line. The reversal of current in the DC motor causes a brak-. The following is a list of characteristics to consider: ing action to slow the rotating load. It is a controlled process. The. 1) STOP TIME. drive
  • Technical Reference: Motor Sizing Application Note (.pdf)
    by the surroundings. The following equation describes the power being dissipated by. the motor’s surroundings,. (7). P = T (T. − T. ). D. c. hot. amb. © 2005, Parker-Hannifin Corporation, All Rights Reserved. 2. where Tc is the system’s thermal dissipation constant in Watts/deg C, Thot is the motor
  • Sensored BLDC Motor Control Using dsPIC30F2010
    The dsPIC30F2010 is a 28-pin 16-bit MCU specifically designed for embedded motor control applications. AC Induction Motors (ACIM), Brushless DC (BLDC) and DC are some typical motor types for which the dsPIC30F2010 has been specifically designed. In this application note we discuss how
  • Virtual Engineering Lab for Motor Testing and Development
    commands initiated by the local user. tor (IGBT)-switched resistor-braking network. The DC bus • Operate and interact with the motor platform. voltage applied to the inverter is maintained between 300 • Receive real-time experimental data. and 350 V by a hysteretic voltage control er, which is also
  • ESCAP (R) Ironless Rotor D.C. Micromotors and Step Motors:
    . ESCAP (R) MOTORS. Introduction. Features of Roto Motor. Construction of Escap (R) Motor. Physical Laws of Escap (R) Motor. Basic Motor Physics. Escap (R) Motor Energy Flow. Control of DC Motors. Tutorial on Micromotor Selection. Escap (R) Step Motor Review. 4.0 CONSTRUCTION OF THE ESCAP (R) MICROMOTOR
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Motor Technology for the Medical Industry
    will be used widely in the years ahead since they prevent premature gearhead failure without requiring the incorporation of steel ball bearings. A brushless dc encoded servo motor for OEM applications. DESIGN FEATURES The advent of affordable computer numerical control production and assembly equipment
  • Considerations for Selecting Littelfuse MOVs and Fuses for Industrial Motor Applications (.pdf)
    itself. Paragraph 20.36.4 of the NEMA motor generator standard MG-1. defines a unit value of surge as: u × V L-L (or, 0.816 × V L-L) For transient. rise times of 0.1 to 0.2 µS, twice the unit value of surge capability is required. on stator windings. When rise times reach 1.2 µS or greater, 4.5 times
  • EPA COMPLIANCE REQUIRED: Monitoring Diesel Generator Emissions
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