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  • Using DC Tachometer Generators
    The current thinking in motion control these days is . Computer generated movement routines, encoder feedback, PWM amplifiers, stepper motors, etc. Digital technology has brought many good things to motion control. But sometimes the old ways are better. If you are working with a motor controller
  • Hi-L Technique For DC Surge Testing
    the capability of the standard Baker tester and offers the end user dramatically more sensitive results then previously rendered. So what is Hi-L? It simply means High Inductance. This technique can be highly useful for many common types of industrial windings such as DC Motor Fields Exciter Stators
  • Regeneration vs. Dynamic Braking in DC Drives
    Both regeneration and dynamic braking (DB) slow down a rotating DC motor and its load, but when should one method be chosen over another, or when possibly should both be used? There are significant differences in stopping time, controllability during stopping, and safety issues depending how one
  • Motion Control - A shortcut to sizing motors
    Motor constant aids in selecting dc motors in motion-control applications. Brushed and brushless dc motors are a good choice in power sensitive or efficiency craving applications. A lot of times, a dc motor or generator data sheet will include the motor constant K , which is the torque sensitivity
  • How software assists designing motors and generators
    Engineering efforts to simulate radial-flux machines concentrate on inherently 2D problems. The QuickField analysis, for a 5-hp, two-pole, wound-field dc motor, is used to optimize motor laminations. This minimizes local saturation, provides sufficient space to insert stator and rotor coils
  • Wheel may fly high
    /epoxy composites for the flywheel's rotor, low-loss magnets for the bearings, high-speed electric motors and generators for energy conversion, and computer algorithms for motion control. This particular flywheel, enclosed in an aluminum vacuum vessel, consists of a high-speed brushless dc motor, upper
  • Braking and Regenerative Energy with AC Drives
    What is Regenerative Energy? When a motor turns faster than the commanded speed as set by its AC variable speed drive, the motor in effect acts as a generator. An example of this would be the control of an elevator car as it descends. With the help of gravity, the load will readily lower. In fact
  • Using Regenerative Converter Units to Recover Over Voltage Energy in AC Drive Systems (.pdf)
    Regeneration occurs in an AC variable frequency drive system when the load overhauls the motor. This can occur when trying to decelerate the load, or when some external force causes the motor to overhaul, causing the motor to act like a generator. The energy contained in the rotating equipment

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