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  • Low-Cost DC Motor Speed Control with CMOS ICs

    Two low-cost CMOS ICs manage a 12 VDC, current-limited speed control circuit for DC brush motors. The circuit design (see Figure 1) uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to chop the effective input voltage to the motor. Use of CMOS devices gives the benefits of low power, minimal heat and improved

  • Brush DC Motor Basics (.pdf)

    . The design of the low inertia rotor enables. very high acceleration and fast reaction time. Finally the linear torque-speed characteristics make the motor very easy to. drive. This article is a brief technical introduction on ironless DC motors. It is intended to help engineers to better understand

  • How to select a DC Motor

    produced divided by the torque constant. Further Considerations: The constant current operation of a DC motor produces constant output torque regardless of speed. Given a constant load (i.e. torque) the speed of a motor is solely dependent on the voltage applied to the motor. Power is the product

  • Application Note - 3 Set Speeds of Operation

    DART CONTROLS DC motor speed controls can be configured for field selectable 3 set speeds of operation by connecting a. switch in the potentiometer circuit. The 3 set speeds are as follows: Valid For Models: Any DART CONTROLS motor. control with an adjustable speed. potentiometer. SCR Series: 500

  • Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals

    : LOW-SIDE BDC MOTOR. FIGURE 5: COMPOUND-WOUND DC. DRIVE CIRCUIT. MOTORS. VCC. Series. Brush. Field. DC. Shunt. Voltage. BDC. D1. Field. Supply. Armature. Motor. R1. BASIC DRIVE CIRCUITS. T. o. Controller. Drive circuits are used in applications where a control-. R2. ler of some kind is being used and speed

  • DC Motor Application Considerations

    the operational lifetime of the motor. Vibration: Rotor vibration can be a significant source of audible noise. Vibration and noise increases with speed. Even a slight imbalance in the rotor can cause major vibrations at speeds of 10,000rpm. FAULHABER Group DC motors have extremely low rotor vibration

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  • Re: DC drive

    Motor is 90 Volts, 10 AMP. Power source is 100 Volt DC. I need a way to regulate speed because current speed is too high. I tried different options this is why I gave you different figures. This is a motor that powers a tread mill. I was hoping to get the basic schematics of a DC drive so I can re...

  • Re: Windmill Synchronization

    Typically, grid connected wind turbines are now induction generators; they produce AC, not DC. You said DC, that's why I mentioned inverters. An Induction Generator is basically a standard AC motor that is driven by the wind to above synchronous speed which turns it into a generator inste...

  • Re: DC Motor Control Issue

    The battery is floating, but posibly not the DC supply, which ground might have a potential between the drive's ground and its own negative side, this is destructive, for any components closing the circuit to the ground, like the min speed pot. (motor size doesn't affect the pot's current, that's ap...

  • Re: 1 Phase To 3 Phase

    hiii all, to be precise, simply, capacitors wont do the job. if one can design an RC phase shift oscillator for power frequencies, it would be fine since these oscillators are used only in the audio frequency range so far as i know. and again, a possible solution may be to give the single phase...

  • Re: Three-Phase Motor Needs Jogging to Start

    Okay... as far as the 3 phase direct current motor that I have and was thinking that potentially by long shot, this answer searching individual might also have... Probably not, but hey, I have what was considered a 3 phase/speed/split motor that hooked up to AC as long as the common was common...

  • Re: ME Needs Advice: Current Capacity of Motor Controller

    Sorry for the delay, the universe just could not get out of the way. Here's a nice simple schematic of some suitable International Rectifier MOSFET parts suitable for your motor control job. You will require four of these circuits to operate two bidirectional DC motors. These will go betw...

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  • AutomationDirect''s IronHorse Line of Electric Motors

    AutomationDirect's IronHorse line of electric motors now includes fractional HP DC motors and gearmotors.

  • Selection of an AC Motor to Replace the DC Motor

    Hi; In a "Single Facer" unit of our Corrugator machine, the "take up conveyor" has a DC motor 5.9KW 2700RPM. We want to replace this DC motor with an AC motor and inverter. On the driven side, there is a gear box with two sprockets which rotate two rolls on which a belt is installed. As there i

  • Ignition woes go beyond GM -- and keys

    General Motors isn''t the only automaker to have a problem with ignition switches that could shut off the engine at highway speeds.

  • Cascade Speed Control of Induction Motor

    Hi, Why is cascade control used for speed control of Induction Motor - when we are only interested with the speed control of one induction motor? Because in cascade connection, we use two motors. Regs,

  • Stroboscopic Method of Slip Measurement.

    Hi, In stroboscopic method of slip measurement for induction motors, 1. With combined ac and dc supply, stroboscopic lamp is supposed to flash only when the ac and dc voltages add, and remain extinguished when they oppose - why? 2. By counting the number of lines passing a fixed point in a say mi

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Dart Controls, Inc.
Compact Battery Operated DC Motor Speed Control

The 65 Series from Dart Controls is now RoHS compliant. These PWM DC controls are designed for 12, 24, and 36 volt battery powered equipment operating at 10, 20, 40, or 60 amp continuous current. Features include adjustable maximum speed, minimum speed, current limit, IR compensation, and acceleration.

Bodine Electric Company
New Low-Voltage DC Motor Speed Controls (12&24V)

is a leading manufacturer of high-performance fractional horsepower gearmotors (less than 1HP / 746 Watts), motors and motor speed controls in North America. Bodine Electric offers over 1,200 standard products, and thousands of custom designed, gearmotors and motion controls (AC Fixed Speed, AC Variable Speed, Brushless DC, and Permanent Magnet DC). Bodine products are available via an extensive distributor network or sold directly to OEMs. Known for their reliability, long life and competitive prices...

Celeroton AG
High Speed DC Motor Drives

. Integrated development of a drive system including both the motor and electronics requires a wide range of interdisciplinary knowledge. Our in-house combination of different areas of know-how differs Celeroton from its competitors, producing drive systems capable of ultra-high-speeds and enables our customers to launch cutting-edge products and makes their applications unique.

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  • DM163029

    Optical speed sensor for brushed DC motor