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Parts by Number for DC To AC Circuitry Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DM330023 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The Microchip dsPICDEM ™ MCHV Development System is intended to aid the user in the rapid evaluation and development of a wide variety of motor control applications using a dsPIC ® Digital Signal Controller (DSC). This development system is targeted to control Brushless DC (BLDC) motors...
DM163014 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided DV164004. Features. Three different sockets supporting 8-, 14- and 18-pin DIP devices. On-board +5V regulator for direct input from 9V, 100 mA AC/DC wall adapter. Active RS-232 port. 8 LED ’s. 2 x 16 LCD display. 3 push button switches and master reset. Generous prototyping area. I/O Expander...

Conduct Research Top

  • How to Reduce Size and Increase Performance in AC-DC Power Supply Design
    Improvements in AC/DC power supply design are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary. It's easy to settle for tried-and-tested approaches because no one new design technique is likely to yield great benefits. The design challenge is to establish what small enhancements can be made in various parts
  • Cooling High-Density Open-Fram DC/DC Converters
    . verters there exists the possibility of an accidental short cir-. heatsink(s). The power density should be calculated with. cuit or damage. If that were the case then we must elimi-. all the needed components in the application such as. nate all ICs, open-frame AC/DC, DC/DC, etc. heatsinks, air fans
  • Regeneration vs. Dynamic Braking in DC Drives
    are in a DC phase controlled drive. Regeneration in a phase controlled DC drive involves a second (antiparellel connected) rectifier bridge. During regeneration, mechanical energy from the rotating load and armature (now acting as a generator), is inverted from DC directly back onto the AC power line
  • Intelligent Thermal Management Using Brushless DC Fans
    the rotating magnetic fields of AC motors and. 4. When sensed temperature is low, it may be. the arcing of conventional DC motors that broadcast. desirable to continuously operate the fan at low. electronic noise. speed, or to shut the fan off, depending on the. system application. The appropriate
  • Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431
    be used to connect the leg of a winding to the positive or the negative high-voltage DC bus. AN900, Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using the PIC18F4431 AN900. Controlling 3-Phase AC Induction Motors Using. the PIC18F4431. The three peripherals and their features are: Author: Jon
  • AN1162 - Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM)
    AN1162 Sensorless Field Oriented Control (FOC) of an AC Induction Motor (ACIM) operate at a speed that is roughly proportional to the Author: Mihai Cheles input frequency. As you decrease the frequency of the Microchip Technology Inc. drive voltage, you also need to decrease the amplitude Co-Author
  • Teccor Thyristors used as AC Static Switches and Relays (.pdf)
    types of applications are described in detail in "Phase Control Using Thyristors" (AN1003). The circuit shown in Figure AN1007.1 provides random (anywhere in half-cycle), fast turn-on (<10 µs) of AC power loads and is ideal for applications with a high-duty cycle. It eliminates completely the contact
  • Operational Amplifier Topologies and DC Specifications
    that. The op amp specifications can be separated into two. the designer can assess the impact it will have on his. general categories, DC and AC. For the remainder of. circuit. this application note, only the DC specifications will be. The errors that appear on the terminals of the op amp. discussed

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