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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DC7002 PLC Radwell Cylinders & Valves Inc Hydraulics, Hydraulic Cylinder ACTUATOR/CYLINDER STUD MOUNT SMALL BORE
DC5001 PLC Radwell Cylinders & Valves Inc Pneumatics, Pneumatic Cylinder ACTUATOR/CYLINDER STUD MOUNT
DC200C0000100000 PLC Radwell Honeywell Ssec Flame Safety Products, Valve Actuator CONTROLLER VALVE ACTUATOR 1/4DIN 24VAC/DC
DC200C0000100000 PLC Radwell Honeywell Flame Safety Products, Valve Actuator CONTROLLER VALVE ACTUATOR 1/4DIN 24VAC/DC
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  • Valve Terms & Acronyms Explained
    , for ultrapure processes. Usually seen on fluoropolymer or natural polypropylene valves. 4-20 mA: Four/twenty milliamp; an AC electrical signal used by a control system for digital positioning of a valve or actuator. Sometimes the expression is used to generically describe any electronic valve control, AC or DC
  • Electrical Actuators ELQ
    as well as the traditional 4 - 20 mA. analog signals. Further product innovations include the addition of drive inserts for easy mounting to a wide variety of valve types and an exclusive universal power supply connection. Here most AC DC and three phase supplies may be directly connected
  • Motion Gets Smarter With Integrated Actuators
    motor power and feedback cables. Traditional AC or DC power is still required for the distributed solution, and some applications require a multi-conductor I/O cable, which is far less expensive. Email ThisPrintComment Page 1 / 5 Next > Comments View Comments: Newest First|Oldest First
  • Kimco Application Guide for Voice Coil Actuators (.pdf)
    . Applications Guide. re ects where BEI Kimco. actuators and motors are. already at work in demanding. applications. Available on-line. at Br ushless DC Motor s • Actuator s • Dr ives and Controls. Total Motion Control Solutions. Semiconductor Equipment Applications. Semiconductor. Equipment
    and rating required for the calculations, it is necessary for the sales. engineer to refer to the Product Department for motor sizing with a duty cycle application. 1. Duty cycle in the valve automation world is the ratio of actuation on time to off time and is. used to determine the proper actuator
  • Pulse and Hold Power Management
    Modulation. for additional power savings, which is highly. PWM is used to vary the total amount of. recommended for applications where pinch. power delivered to a load without resistive. valve cycles at a high rate. waste and is a method commonly used in DC. “Pulse and Hold” power management increases
  • Intelligent Remote Positioner
    or proportional valve). This system is ideally suited for remotely positioned. TEST SET-UP. valves and machinery. It can be used with D.C. motors. to easily automate manual equipment. Because of the. Microwire. Input. 5-wire serial interface, the positioner can be installed. A/D. Converter. near its power
  • Assured Automations Announces New RM-150
    Valves Coaxial Valves Angle Seat Valves Actuators --- Valve Series --- Ares / Zeus 008 / 009 061 067 101 150F-300F 21 26 282 31D 33D 36 911 FE FK HPL / HPW J MPF150-MPF300 P2 STW / STL V VA VAX Accessories E & P Actuators Control Boxes - Flow Meter Links - Flow Meter Selection Chart A1 - Commercial
  • Medical Device Link .
    pressures to 125 psig. The component is offered with a 5-W coil and a variety of ac and dc voltage options. Designed for both in-line and manifold mounting, the valve is supplied with an optional sandwich speed control that mounts between the valve and the manifold. Potential product applications
  • Medical Device Link .
    medium from the springs, actuator, and solenoid. Though the two valves have several parts in common, the Liquid X looks nothing like the X-Valve, measuring 12 mm wide, 29 mm long, and 40 mm high. According to Garland, the 12-mm width of the Liquid X makes it a bit smaller than similar isolation