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  • Computer Power User Article - Wrong-Way RAM
    Our first MSI motherboard was equipped to handle either DDR or DDR2 RAM --but not both at the same time. Hardcore PC enthusiasts, the kinds who relish the dangers of overclocking and laugh when yet another $200 CPU dies from a massive overclocking session, know that the best way to obtain new
  • Computer Power User Article - Gainward NVIDIA GeForce FX5200
    . Gainward loaded this card with 128MB DDR RAM, and because the card supports DirectX 9, it also supports the pixel and vertex shaders 2.0+ that help make
  • Computer Power User Article - All-In-Wonder X600 Pro
    March 2005 Vol.5 Issue 3 Page(s) 24 in print issue Add To My Personal Library PCI-E x16, X600 GPU, 256MB DDR RAM, TV tuning, FM tuning, composite in/out, S-video in/out, DVI out, and VGA out It's time for a little expectation management. After announcing the AGP 8X-based All-In-Wonder X800 XT
  • Computer Power User Article - Jetway ATI Radeon 9550 (256MB)
    more and comes loaded with 256MB DDR RAM. If you don't believe extra RAM makes much of a difference in performance when it comes to graphics cards, think again.
  • Computer Power User Article - PowerColor X300 SE
    RADEON-based card with enough zip to help you run a full range of games and graphics applications. The PowerColor X300 SE comes with 128MB DDR RAM, an S-Video jack, and a DVI
  • Computer Power User Article - No Need To RAM Your Head Against A Wall
    This is a standard 184-pin DDR SDRAM memory module. As you can see, it has no heat spreader or other features and is part of Kingston's ValueRAM line. Some newer systems, such as motherboards built on Intel's 915 chipset, use DDR2, the most recent JEDEC-approved (the Joint Electron Device
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Sempron 2800+ & SOYO KT880 Dragon 2
    slots, but unlike the DFI LANParty NFII Ultra B and the MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum Edition, the KT880 has four slots and supports up to 4GB of PC3200 DDR RAM. And that's not the only feature the board lords over the other mobos: the KT880 has not three, but four IDE ports and supports RAID 0, 1
  • Computer Power User Article - AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 & ABIT AV8-3rd Eye
    is more expensive than standard DDR RAM, but this requirement disappeared when AMD switched to the socket 939 model. Instead of introducing the change when it released the FX-55, AMD produced a second, 939-pin version of the FX-53. Although some customers may have been caught by surprise

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