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  • Reducing Parametric Test Costs with Faster, Smarter Parallel Test Techniques
    Although the validity of extrapolating a decade into the future in an industry that delivers a new technology generation of every 2-3 years is debatable, the trend line is nonetheless alarming, particularly for a manufacturing step that, while vitally important, is too often undervalued. Typical
  • Tombstone Troubleshooting
    because, while components and assemblies have become much smaller over the last decade, overall assembly processes have remained much the same. As components become smaller, so should your process windows. There was a time when a type II solder paste and chemically etched stencil were acceptable
  • Phase Locked Loop Systems Design for Wireless Infrastructure Applications
    tank Q. In general, the tank Q will be. limited by the Q of the inductor. Also, if a CMOS VCO is used, the 30 dB/decade slope of phase noise can be. extended above 100 kHz offset, assuming the device requires high operating current and voltage swings to. meet far-out phase noise performance
  • Medical Device Link .
    are difficult to conduct and require a toolroom full of instruments and a tangle of cables, banana plugs, and baby Neill Concelman connectors. While that was certainly true a decade ago, today, thanks largely to advances in digital signal processing and semiconductor technology, there are instruments
  • Multilayer Varistor Filters
    values are 150 to 500 Ω. Lightning and NEMP. Fig 6. The energy in an ESD discharge may be calculated from... Linear Time. Linear Frequency. Log Frequency. Amplitude. Amplitude. Attenuation. E. =. ½CV2. T. 1/X. 20 dB/decade. where... t. 1/ t. E. =. Energy (J). Time. Frequency. Log Frequency. C
  • AN112 Filtering in Signal Conditioning Modules, SCMs
    in various feedback arrangements. Unique. approaches the 3-dB point. Beyond the cutoff frequency,. filter transfer function characteristics are implemented. each pole contributes an amplitude decrease of 20 dB per. with active filters by selecting resistor and capacitor. frequency decade

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