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  • What Are dB, Noise Floor & Dynamic Range?

    to 1µV per meter. dBJ. Energy relative to 1 joule. Used for spectral densities where 1 Joule = 1 W/Hz. Examples. If the numerical value of the reference is undefined then the decibel may be used as a simple measure of relative amplitudes. As an example, assume there are two loudspeakers, one emitting

  • Magnetic Field Conversion Factors (.pdf)

    and may be interchanged. (3) Decibel values are "rounded off " to the nearest 0.5 dB. Document Outline. ��

  • RF Related Conversions

    /m)-120]/20}. As above, simply plug away. dBW/m2 = 10Log10[V/m - A/m]. A simple relation to calculate decibel-Watts per square meter. dBmW/m2 = dBW/m2 + 30. The derivation for the constant in the above equation comes from the decibel equivalent of the factor of 1000 used to convert W to mW and vice

  • Signal Analysis Reference

    . Amplitude. Time. Peak. gallon (UK). meter3. 4.546 E–03. once (US). liter. 2.957 E–02. once (UK). liter. 2.841 E–02. Temperature Conversion. Decibel Reference Levels(3). Fahrenheit to Celsius. °C. =. (°F – 32)/1.8. Quantity. Formula. Reference Level. Celsius to Fahrenheit. °F. =. 1.8 °C + 32. Power

  • Noise Level Prediction for Moore Fans

    . Integration over the fan area yields. -20. the following formula: For the sake of simplifying this discussion, we will. assign a variable to the denominator in Eq. 2. We. SPL RELATIVE TO PWL -25. can then rewrite Eq. 2 in decibel form simply as: From Eq. 3, it is apparent that the SPL always. equals

  • Guidelines for Specifying Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers

    wave and the noise is isotropic, that is,. µPa. TVR is expressed in decibel form, i.e., dB. when the noise power per unit solid angle is the. re 1 µPa.m/V. Thus, a projector with a 150 dB re. same. As expected, the DI of a spherical. 1 µPa.m/V produces a pressure of 31.6x106. transducer is zero

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  • Amplifier

    why some parameters of op amps have units as decibels.

  • Advancements in Digital Meters Replace Analog Meters

    Otek''s New Technology Meter (NTM) is a digital meter designed to reduce accidents for control engineers.

  • How Much Energy Storage Do You Need to Back Up the London Array?

    If you're using underwater energy bags, you'd need 812,000 cubic meters' worth

  • Flow Meters Market is Projected to Reach $7.9 billion by 2019

    Ultrasonic and coriolis flow meters are increasingly used in a number of applications and expected to generate new revenue pockets. Better accuracy and turn down ratio of such flow meters are making it popular in a number of applications such as oil & gas, refining, and pertochemicals. Moreover, ultrasonic and coriolis flow meters are currently preferred over conventional flow meters such as positive displacement and differential pressure in oil & gas, refinery, and food and beverage industries in North America and Europe. The rising concerns and new stricter regulations in North America and Europe against custody transfer of oil & gas is driving the growth for the new generation flowmeters. The market for flow meters in North America is expected to report decent growth in the coming five years. Rising oil & gas industry in U.S. and Canada and increasing infrastructure in Mexico are the key drivers for growth in the region. In the matured markets such as North America and Europe, the demand for new generation flow meters such as coriolis and ultrasonic types is increasing at a faster rate than the other flow meters. Request for Sample of this Report @ www.marketsandmarkets.com/requestsample.asp?id=[...] Multiphase meters replacing conventional test separators In the oil & gas industry, multiphase flow measurement has been one of the burning topics for the last decade. Multiphase flow meters are used for the determination of flow rates of gas, oil, and water in a stream, under the constantly changing fluid compositions and volume fractions Multiphase flow meters are slowly replacing conventional test separators in the hydrocarbon industry. Test separators are large in size and difficult to maintain. As a result, multiphase flow meters can be considered as a replacement of test separators in the near future. Multiphase meters provide continuous measurements that allow better reservoir management and quicker response to water breakthrough and similar events.

  • PDA for Bored Piles > 1.5 Meter Diameter

    Been at the web for more than a week now researching for methodology and specifications/procedures in conducting Pile Dynamic Analysis / Test for Bored Piles larger than 1.5 meters or specifically 2.5 meters to 2.8 meters. Hope somebody would be able to guide me to the site, manual or any reference

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Badger Meter
Badger Meter Industrial Oval Gear Meters

Robust, exacting flow measurement for a wide variety of demanding applications. Industrial Oval Gear Meter. The Badger Meter Industrial Oval Gear meters are designed to function in applications that require an accurate volume dispense measurement in water solutions or any other liquid substance. The handheld's rugged, shock-resistant plastic cover is similar to that used for power tools. It protects the meter from harsh and demanding environments. Applications: Petroleum, chemical, fuel...

Eastern Instruments
CentriFlow Meter: More Accurate than Impact Meters

How It Works. The secret to the CentriFlow ® Meter's accuracy lies in its zero-friction design, which is based on the principal of centripetal force. As particles travel over the measurement pan they travel in a circular path that accelerates them inwards towards the center of the circle along a radius. Because the particles are sliding across the curved measurement pan in this circular motion, the acceleration of the particles generates a centripetal force in the direction...

Badger Meter
E-Series Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter

Watch > > >E-Series Burst Test Comparison. E-Series ® Ultrasonic Meters. E-Series Ultrasonic water meters from Badger Meter use solid-state technology in a compact, totally encapsulated, weatherproof, and UV-resistant housing, suitable for residential and commercial applications.   Equipped with an easy-to-read, 9-digit LCD display, the Ultrasonic meter presents consumption, rate of flow, reverse-flow indication, and alarms.   With no moving parts, the E-Series meter also...