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    Noise Meters - (19 companies) digital (ADC) converters can also add ADC noise to RF signals. To the human ear, the sounds that RF noise meters measure can sound like hiss or static. However, because RF noise can disrupt communications, the effects of meter noise must be factored... Learn More
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    Analog dBm Meters - (23 companies)
    Analog dBm Meters Information. Analog dBm meters are instruments that measure signal power. They display values on a dial, usually with a needle or moving pointer. Signal power, which can be expressed in decibels (dB) when the unit of reference... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters - (228 companies)
    Sound level meters and noise dosimeters are used in sound and noise analysis. Applications include industrial safety, traffic noise studies, and scientific noise measurement. Sound Level Meters and Noise Dosimeters Information. Sound level meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    S Meters - (13 companies)
    ...a receiver 's detector stage is applied to an ammeter. If the receiver has an automatic gain control (AGC) amplifier, this stage can be used to drive the S meter and control the gain of the receiver. S meters are calibrated in terms of S units up... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Milliohm Meters - (75 companies)
    Milliohm meters are capable of measuring very small resistances. Devices which use a four-wire Kelvin probe system pass a test current through the probe so that the voltage is sensed by the center pin. This test method eliminates contact resistance... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • SWR Meters - (8 companies)
    ...a full case or cabinet and integral interface. SWR meters with a clamp meter form-factor measure current through wires that are still connected to a live circuit. Rack-mounted SWR meters come with hardware such as rail guides, flanges and tabs... Learn More
  • Measurement Microphones - (56 companies)
    ...level is the deciBel (dB) with a reference pressure of 20 micro Pascals, which is the human hearing threshold. Microphone diameter has an effect on the dynamic characteristics. In general, larger diaphragms are more sensitive and have narrower... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • KVA Meters - (53 companies) the frequency that a digital meter tests an analog signal and converts to a digital value. Maximum channels for KVA meters range from 2 to 24. Operating temperature is expressed as a range. KVA Meter Operation. Standards, options and features... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Clamp Meters - (178 companies)
    ...such as disc drives are available. With regard to optional features, clamp meters may adjust sampling rates automatically, display status information as a bar graph, and measure decibel (dB) readings. Mirrored scales make it easier to read analog clamp meters... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Acoustic and Vibration Test Equipment Repair Services - (62 companies)
    ...transducers, sound level meters and other specialty instruments. Sectors. Areas of expertise covered by providers of acoustic and vibration test equipment repair services include accelerometer or vibration sensors, acoustic sensors or microphones... Search by Specification | Learn More
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Conduct Research 1µV per meter. dBJ. Energy relative to 1 joule. Used for spectral densities where 1 Joule = 1 W/Hz. Examples. If the numerical value of the reference is undefined then the decibel may be used as a simple measure of relative amplitudes. As an example, assume there are two loudspeakers, one emitting...

...and may be interchanged. (3) Decibel values are "rounded off " to the nearest 0.5 dB. Document Outline. ��...

/m)-120]/20}. As above, simply plug away. dBW/m2 = 10Log10[V/m - A/m]. A simple relation to calculate decibel-Watts per square meter. dBmW/m2 = dBW/m2 + 30. The derivation for the constant in the above equation comes from the decibel equivalent of the factor of 1000 used to convert W to mW and vice...

Amplitude. Time. Peak. gallon (UK). meter3. 4.546 E–03. once (US). liter. 2.957 E–02. once (UK). liter. 2.841 E–02. Temperature Conversion. Decibel Reference Levels(3). Fahrenheit to Celsius. °C. =. (°F – 32)/1.8. Quantity. Formula. Reference Level. Celsius to Fahrenheit. °F. =. 1.8 °C + 32. Power...

Integration over the fan area yields. -20. the following formula: For the sake of simplifying this discussion, we will. assign a variable to the denominator in Eq. 2. We. SPL RELATIVE TO PWL -25. can then rewrite Eq. 2 in decibel form simply as: From Eq. 3, it is apparent that the SPL always. equals...

...wave and the noise is isotropic, that is,. µPa. TVR is expressed in decibel form, i.e., dB. when the noise power per unit solid angle is the. re 1 µPa.m/V. Thus, a projector with a 150 dB re. same. As expected, the DI of a spherical. 1 µPa.m/V produces a pressure of 31.6x106. transducer is zero...

...trace, or equipment dimensions). For a 36-in. cable, the quarterwave resonance frequency is 83.3 MHz. If f 0 is 26 MHz, then the correction is 10 dB. Sum up the decibel values as follows: 136 14 10 = 112 dB uV across a load impedance of 100. Convert 112 dB uV to linear units, which yields... be detected early, before actual. save energy. First listen to the translated. failure. ultrasound and observe the decibel level. Note any deviations from previous readings. Most of the sounds sensed by humans. as you continue your route. Record the data. range between 20 Hertz and 20 kilohertz (20...

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