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  • Filter Dramatically Improves Reactor Water Cleanup Systems, Deep Bed Condensate Demineralizer
    . Energy to reduce the possibility of downstream fines from the Deep Bed Condensate Demineralizer. resin beds. “In 2002, we went with the Purolator 150-mesh underdrain screens to replace the. original Wedge-wire screens. Since the upgrade, we have not seen any excursions from the system,. and we have
  • DOWEX TM MONOSPHERE TM Ion Exchange Resins (.pdf)
    The Dominion Engineering Millstone Nuclear Power Station has undergone a significant performance improvement in water quality and operational efficiency of the deep-bed condensate polishers in Unit 2. The use of DOWEX TM MONOSPHERE TM 650C and 550A gel resins (now in service for more than 6 years
  • Condensate Polishing For Nuclear And Super Critical Power Plants For The 21st Century (.pdf)
    to separate, resulting in less. CONDENSATE POLISHERS. cross contamination. Cation fines that remain. Deep bed polishers typically employ a 3 to 4. with the anion during separation are converted. foot bed of mixed ion exchange resins. The ion. to the sodium form during sodium hydroxide. exchange beds can
  • Direct Contact Heat Transfer using No. 2 Type-K Tellerette (R) Tower Packing (.pdf)
    retrofitting the existing tower. with a multiple bed design using our No. 2 Type-K. Tellerette® Tower Packing. The customer’s existing 72”. diameter tower was modified to accommodate two. packed beds with independent spray headers. The first. bed is 6’-0” deep with a 450 GPM spray header utilizing. plant
  • Medical Device Link .
    Smart Connector Helps Put Squeeze on Deep Vein Thrombosis System automatically adapts air pressure to required therapy cycle Recently developed connection technology reportedly increases the effectiveness of an intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) device. The smart connector enables the IPC
  • High Efficiency No. 3 Type-K Tellerette (R) Tower Packing Removes H2S at High Velocity (.pdf)
    tower size and cost. The units were designed with 10' deep packed beds to remove H2S generated by the aeration and influent tanks. The required removal efficiency was 99.5%. After installation, certified tests were conducted on inlet concentrations at metered levels of 5, 10, and 50 ppmv H2S using
  • Pollution Control that Pays Its Way
    inlet vanes reduce fan power at lower than design air flow, thus conserving electrical demand. There are four horizontal cylindrical adsorbers. Each of the 12 ft diameter adsorbers is 47 ft long and contain a deep bed of 43,000 lbs. of CECA-AC35 activated carbon pellets. Horizontal static beds
  • Clean-in-Place Operations for Thin-Cake Filtration Technologies
    on filtration. integrity is critical. For these. applications, the crystals can be. Particle Size / Particle Size. processed with a deep bed nutsche. Distribution (PSD). Drying of the Filter Cake. filter or centrifuge. However, some. The particle size and particle size. crystals, due to the factors

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