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  • Industrial Washers & Cleaning Systems
    Cleaning and degreasing metal, plastic and glass by dipping, soaking or spraying with liquid cleaners is a common process in the manufacturing industry. Industrial parts washers remove grease, soil, oil abrasive dust, corrosion, and other contaminants from the surface of components in production
  • "Inexpensive Insurance for Water Treatment Systems-Resin Traps" (.pdf)
    . Automotive Assembly Plant. Prior to painting automobiles in a modern assembly plant, deionized water is. used in the preliminary degreasing and phosphating stages. Water quality is. critical because the purity of the rinse water ultimately determines the cleanliness. of the surface, which in turn
  • Chemical Pumps: Zero Liquid Discharge in Surface Treatment Shop
    reported sequence is 6.7 m3 and for the second is 1.1 m3. The flow is reduced of a factor of six, from the first to the second sequence. Mixing of effluents. Effluent flows are very different among each other in a traditional surface treatment shop. There are effluents from. degreasing. metching
  • Not All Powder Coat Jobs are Created Equal (.pdf)
    involved. It’s a five stage process that begins with degreasing and cleaning. to remove dirt and oils, followed by a high pressure, high temperature rinse. Phosphate etching is then completed. to exacting standards, creating a ―profile‖ which helps ensure the most tenacious possible bond between
  • Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning: Technology Improved by Use of Optimized Wire Cloth Baskets
    assembly, as well as heat treating, passivating, tumbling and degreasing. Stringent stan-. dards assure complete control over traceability and documentation. "Camel's hair brush " effect. Weiss-Aug considers ultrasonic cleaning to be an excellent and cost-effective method of preci-. sion cleaning