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Parts by Number for Dehumidifier Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
10298GR-US Global Industrial EBAC INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Not Provided Ebac Professional Dehumidifier For Commercial / Residential Eco85, 6.6 Amps, 225 Cfm, 60 Pints
SD-72PE Global Industrial Spt Appliance Inc Not Provided Sunpentown Spt ® Dehumidifier With Pump Sd-72pe 70-Pint Energy Star
GDC124CSS Global Industrial Fantech Inc. Not Provided Fantech Stainless Steel Dehumidifier Gdc124css 124 Pints
WA-9040DE Global Industrial Spt Appliance Inc Not Provided Spt ® 3-In-1 Dual Hose System - 9,000btu Cooling, Dehumidifier & Fan, Up To 250 Sq. Ft.
10270GR-US Global Industrial EBAC INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS Not Provided Ebac Professional Dehumidifier For Commercial/Residential W/ Pump, Orion, 8 Amps, 437 Cfm,105 Pints
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  • Improving Energy Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Operations Part II: HVAC, Boilers and Cogeneration
    individually, each measure may offer small savings, but combined they add up to significant savings and short payback periods. First, let s consider HVAC systems, which consist of dampers, supply and exhaust fans, filters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heating and cooling coils, ducts, and various
  • Medical Device Link .
    the Cargocaire Div. of Munters Corp. (Amesbury, MA) to design a suitable desiccant dehumidifier. Based on the company's Cargocaire HCD-series dehumidifiers, the unit directs airflow toward a slowly revolving wheel impregnated with desiccant. The air is pulled through the wheel's corrugated honeycomb
  • Using Optical Hygrometers to Maintain Dryness of
    and. pharmaceutical production. To provide the right working conditions in dry rooms. and clean rooms, the air supply is usually dried by. desiccant wheel dehumidifiers. Desiccant wheel dehumidifiers attract moisture from. the air by creating an area of low vapor pressure at. the surface
  • Save Maintenance and Component Expenses by Eliminating Moisture in Electrical Cabinets
    the problem either. Manufacturers have tried a number. quality. Engineers have tried a range of creative measures to. of approaches for drying electrical cabinets and motor. eliminate moisture build up and maintain clean dry air for. compartments, including dehumidifiers, heaters, heaters
  • Control, Data Acquisition and Calculation Using Your dataTaker Equipment
    equipment was used whereverpossible. The hostile atmosphere producedwas found to be incompatible with availablehumidity sensor technologies, requiring thesemeasurements to be derived in real time usingmeasurements from secondary sensors. Equipment. DT500 data logger. DeLogger 4 Pro. Dehumidifier
  • Control, DAQ and Calculation--All Using a dataTaker
    to a refrigerative dehumidifier, multiple relays, and a peroxide dispersal system. The datalogger was compatible with all the necessary sensor types, including H202 sensors, using a 4 -20mA output and RTD temperature sensors. The dataTaker also recorded humidity measurements, calculated from wet
  • Textile Humidification
    , Rotronic can. measurement devices, we. dehumidifier is only working. provide the needed interface. can offer a factory calibration. for the minimum time. to your DDC or building. certificate or even an SCS. needed to establish the de-. automation system. certificate if this is required. sired environment
  • Sugar Industry Application Note
    the Log-HC2-RC. tion all the way to ware- the HTS3 and the HC-IC- monitor the climate dur-. house and transport ap- 1-EX probes can be used ing transportation & eas-. plications. to control dehumidifiers ily can be read out on the. HF7 industrial transmit- of the sugar silos. final destination for qual

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