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    Fuel Injectors - (10 companies)
    Fuel injectors dispense a fuel mist into an engine and can be controlled to deliver precise amounts of fuel at specified time intervals. Learn More
  • Soldering Irons, Stations, and Accessories-Image
    Soldering Irons, Stations, and Accessories - (303 companies)
    ...power supply and a soldering iron, used for soldering electronic components. There are many types of soldering irons, stations and accessories. Examples include a cordless soldering iron, soldering gun, and a butane soldering iron. A cordless... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cast Irons-Image
    Cast Irons - (77 companies)
    How to Select Cast Irons. Cast irons are a large group of ferrous alloys which contain a large amount of carbon and solidify with a eutectic (chemical carbide which solidifies at a lower temperature). They are derived from pig iron and are mainly... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors-Image
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors - (51 companies)
    Power over Ethernet (PoE) injectors supply or inject DC power through network cables to power network devices. They are sometimes called midspans or midspan hubs. How to Select Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injectors. Image Credit: Baumer, Ltd., GlobTek... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ferrous Metals and Iron Alloys-Image
    Ferrous Metals and Iron Alloys - (1646 companies)
    How to Select Ferrous Metals and Iron Alloys. Ferrous metals and alloys are iron-based materials that are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Types of Ferrous Metals and Alloys. Ferrous metals and alloys can be divided into iron... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Iron Roughnecks - (13 companies)
    Iron roughnecks automate pipe handling operations. They are used to clamp and exert torque on sections of drill pipe in order to complete make/break cycles during drilling operations. Iron roughnecks are tools used in the drilling industry... Learn More
  • Air Valves - (802 companies)
    ...electromagnet. When an electric current is applied, a magnetic field is generated around the wire. An iron "T" or plunger is put in the center of the coil to concentrate the magnetism. Since iron is a strong magnetic conductor and air is not, the "T... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Specialty Steels and Other Iron Alloys - (217 companies)
    How to Select Specialty Steels and Other Iron Alloys. Specialty steels and other iron alloys have specialized or proprietary compositions or properties that are specifically engineered for certain service conditions. Types of Specialty Steels... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Cylinders - (673 companies)
    Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators that are driven by a pressure differential in the cylinder's chambers. They may be single-acting (with a spring return) or double-acting. Air cylinders are pneumatic linear actuators driven by pressure... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Air Motors - (161 companies)
    ...concentric or in-line output, parallel or offset output, and right-angle output. Mounting Options. Mounting options for air motors include face mount, flange mount, nose mount, and foot mount. Common materials of construction include aluminum, cast iron... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports
    Cognitive-Affective Predictors of the Up- take & Sustained Adherence to Lymphe- dema Symptom Minimization Practices in... Finger Seal: A Novel Approach to Air to Air Sealing – 26 LM2500+ Brush Seal Case Study... The Assessment of Liquid Propellant In- jectors . Stimulated Photorefractive Backscatter Leading to Six-Wave Mixing and Phase Conjugation in Iron Doped Lithium Nio- bate...
  • Engine Combustion Instrumentation and Diagnostics
    Ghandhi et al. [1994] found that ina mixture offluorobenzene/diethylmethylamine( DEMA ) and hexane, co-evaporation wasmore closely achieved... ...measure the effect of fuel distillation characteristics onthe response of the in-cylinder air /fuel ratio to... Theimpingement took place 25 mmaway from the injector . When CW lasers, such asa He-Ne laser and anargon- iron laser,are .
  • Encyclopedic Reference of Parasitology
    dema )/Lung, erythrocytes ...favour the survival of the lar- vae of the nematode in the open air , the grouse ex... Both hide their stylet-like injectors in a protrud- ible sheath. These granules contain iron ori- ginating from the hemoglobin of host erythro- cytes.
  • In-Situ Combustion Handbook -- Principles and Practices
    dema (1979), if it can be assumed that all the heat of reaction is consumed in heating... Air injection pressure te vicinity of injector , autoignition does not occurs near the well. Mud acid consists of 12% HC1 + 390 HF + 0.3% inhibitor + 0.390 surfactant + 0.39i0 iron .
  • Standard Handbook of Plant Engineering, Third Edition > DIESEL AND NATURAL GAS ENGINES
    Rating societies such as the Diesel Engine Manufacturers Association ( DEMA ), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), German... A rotary air compressor driven by a turbine using exhaust gas as the driving fluid and compressing... Dirt in the fuel can clog injector nozzles and ruin the finely machined precision parts in the... If they are not galvanized or zinc-plated, black iron or steel pipes should be used to...
  • Jatropha, Challenges for a New Energy Crop
    ...neighbourhood of J. curcas revealed that J. curcas plants were infected with C. dema - tium (Gupta et... In anticipation of new resistant varieties, some basic cares such as maximum air circulation, clean up of... ...the low volatility of the vegetable oils result in oil sticking of the injector or cylinder walls... ...the soil that dissolve hard-to-capture nutrients, such as organic nitrogen, phosphorus, iron and other tightly...
  • 1.1 bases, methods, apparatuses, Reagentien, automation, data processing
    T.J. Turley, J.N. Demas and D.J. Demas. ...45 rnl +_ 0,5 nal / min); the Verh / iltnisNz: H2: air = I: 1:10... An injector fiir two practicing task techniques. ...the pair U(VI)/U(IV) as well as the change wir kangen of uranium with iron .
  • Smith and Nesi’s Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
    Vascular responses: urticaria and angioe- dema . Because of the proximity of the orbital apex to the posterior ethmoidal air cells, care should be... ...if done by a person adept at shading; (2) Surgical blepharopigmentation1 with an iron -based tattoo ink... Recommendations on type of syringe and gauge of needle vary depending on injector preference; however, smaller-gauge...
  • Myeloma Therapy
    From left to right: cement injector , cement, access needle, powdered polymer, and liquid monomer (Cranioplastic™, Codman, Boston... Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis, gadolin- ium, and iron mobilization. ...including funduscopic examination (to exclude retinal vein engorgement with hemorrhage exudates, and papille- dema ), and determination of... ...Southwest Oncology Group (SWOG) criteria, left ventricular ejection fraction greater than 40%, room air oxygen saturation greater...

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