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  • Digital Microscope Helps Detect Counterfeit Currency
    Benchmark for Optical Profiling. 06. Digital Microscopes leica DVM5000 – 2000. CON. The Reflection Tamer. 22. homogeneous Dome Illuminator. How Much “Digital” Do You Really Need?. 08. for Difficult Samples. Trends in Microscopy. REGISTRATION 21. DUAl CORE MEASURING MICROSCOPE. IMPRINT. 23
  • Advanced Digital Technology Breaking Ground in Light Microscopy (.pdf)
    Microscope. that have culminated in the recently introduced VHX-1000 Digital Microscope. System; the next generation of digital microscopy. The VHX-1000 Digital Microscope is the first system that integrates the optical. properties and functionality of stereoscopes, metallurgical microscopes, and. measuring
  • Medical Device Link .
    , TN 38502. A company offers two lines of video microscopes designed for video inspection in product manufacturing. The VM-40 and -60 Measurescopes use a newly designed video measuring head mounted on a microscope stand made of cast steel for excellent manual video inspection capability. Both models
  • Vickers and Knoop Hardness Testers
    of material. Since the test indentation is very small, the Microhardness testing is useful for a variety of applications: testing very thin materials like foils or measuring the surface of a part, small parts or small areas, measuring individual microstructures, or measuring the depth of case
  • Medical Device Link . An Essential Tool in Quality Control
    at melab Medizintechnik und Labor GmbH (Kernen, Germany), a supplier of load-measuring, leak-testing, tip-testing, and automated testing and assembly systems to the medical device industry. Companies began seriously investing in testing equipment when it became apparent that resisting the trend would
  • Medical Device Link .
    as the path difference increases because fringes are only formed when the difference is close to zero. Therefore, the surface can be mapped by measuring the microscope focus position that gives the highest-contrast fringes. Second, the exact position of these light and dark fringes provides even-higher
  • Medical Device Link .
    . Therefore, decreasing membrane width will create a proportional increased area that is not appropriate for spotting. The capillary-flow membrane is attached to ordinary microscope glass slides measuring 76 x 26 mm. These dimensions suit the instrumentation. The detection instrument has a narrow
  • Are Three Sensors Better Than One?
    of critical parts. tech-releases--3_sensors_better_than_1--en--2002-10.pdf Are Three Sensors. Better Than One?. Multisensor coordi-. nate measuring. In the past decade, manufacturers improved will assimilate knowledge required to operate dif-. how products are designed, manufactured, test-. ferent