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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
Ushims Tequipment.Net Zarbeco Not Provided UShim assortment: Set of four U-shims allows you to lower ; magnification and increase depth of field including the ; ability to capture images at intermediate range magnifications;

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  • Gauging Depth of Field in Your Imaging System
    Over the years, we have answered countless questions regarding lens performance. Of those questions, none have been more difficult to define than requests for depth of field. The reason for this difficulty has more to do with the vagueness of the question than with the inability to provide
  • An In-depth Look at the MCP2510
    , this application note will provide examples and discussions on some typical configurations. An In-depth Look at the MCP2510 AN739. An In-depth Look at the MCP2510. The code examples are for training purposes. There-. Author: Pat Richards. fore, they are not necessarily optimized or fully
  • Thermal FEA keeps football field green in Winter
    Engineers used heat-transfer capabilities in an FEA program to find the right depth and shape of a heating system that will warm the grass of a football field. The right amount of heat can keep the grass growing and healthy during the cold playing season. The turf-conditioning system has 11.65
  • A field-study of inducible molecular defenses, ultraviolet
    -. Environ Biol Fish. DOI 10.1007/s10641-009-9518-z. A field-study of inducible molecular defenses, ultraviolet. radiation, and melanomagenesis in natural. Xiphophorus hybrids. Seth W. Coleman & Zachary W. Culumber &. Ashley Meaders & Jennifer Henson &. Gil G. Rosenthal. Received: 30 August 2008
  • Evaluate Your Lubrication Program - Field Identification
    points identified in the field?. How are the lubricated assets and points identified throughout your facility?  The answer to this question is not only affecting your lubrication program, but more than likely affects any type of maintenance or condition monitoring program utilized.  If identification
  • Medical Device Link .
    is acquired becomes the principal factor limiting throughput of slide-digitizing and HTS systems. An optical technology that increases the depth of field of microscope imaging systems also increases the speed and efficiency of automated slide-screening and discovery applications. This technology, called
  • 3D Visualization for Industrial Quality Inspection
    Vertical resolution in the balance between. numerical aperture and depth of field. Surface. analyses, fracture analyses, analyses of inclined or vertical surfaces or onsite inspections of large parts such as turbine. rotors are just a few examples in which the strengths of digital microscopes make
  • Field Installation of Thermocouple & RTD Temperature Sensor Assemblies (.pdf)
    thermocouple and RTD sensor assemblies, along with some of the preparation that will ensure a successful operation. ./78ed9a84-01b0-4f93-98cf-39cdda1263cd Field Installation of Thermocouple & RTD. Temperature Sensor Assemblies. Although temperature. sensor buyers usually pay. close attention