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    ...thus increasing the speed of digestion. Pressure and temperature inside the control vessels may be monitored and used to determine the amount of microwave energy applied. Laboratory digesters are all of a batch-type design. Sample material, generally... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Product Development Services Information. Product development services design, test, support, document, and certify industrial, commercial and consumer products. They differ from dedicated industrial design services, which specialize... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Water and Wastewater System Integrators - (142 companies)
    Water and Wastewater Systems Integrators design, engineer and build wastewater systems for applications that range from small industrial systems to large scale municipal systems. How to Select Water and Wastewater System Integrators. Image Credit... Learn More
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    Pulp and paper processing equipment includes fourdrinier machines, pulpers, digesters, refiners, chippers, chip processors and other specialized machinery used to process pulp and form paper webs while maintaining quality and throughput. Pulp... Learn More
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    Pulp and Paper Testing Equipment Information. Pulp and paper testers include specialized sensors, instruments, COBB testers, and test equipment for evaluating the material properties and processability characteristics of pulp and paper... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Packaging Equipment Design and Fabrication Information. Packaging equipment design and packaging equipment fabrication services specialize in the design and fabrication of packaging equipment and packaging products. Packaging equipment design... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Antenna design software is used for the design and electromagnetic analysis of all types of antenna systems, including planar and microstrip antennas, hollow waveguide and horn antennas, and helical antennas. Some applications for antenna design... Learn More
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20120918.doc. AP-16 Green Liquor Heating & Recausticizing. Fig. 1 – Green Liquor Heating & Recausticizing. Key Words – Green Liquor, Recausticizing, Steam Injection Heater, White Liquor, Pulp Mill. Kraft Pulp mills produce pulp from wood chips. Within the pulp production, a chemical process produces green...

...and provide the revenue stream that is modelled. The discussion below examines three different greenfield facilities which will in the future continue to be important sources of fibre and product: Virgin market pulp mill Market BCTMP mill Recycled fibre containerboard mill Explored will be their design...

...of Continuous Pulp Digester, Pulp Digester Modeling and Control Workshop, Annapolis, US, June 2001. E. L. Bibeau, P. He and M. Salcudean: Modeling of Wood Chips Shear Forces in Digesters, Pulp Digester Modeling and Control Workshop, Annapolis, US, June 2001. C. Lindgren: Kraft Pulping Kinetics and Modeling...

Most pulp managers have serious concerns about the safe incineration of non-condensable gases collected from digesters, reactors and other sources in the pulping process. Solvent Vapor Monitoring in Coil Coating Oven Atmospheres | Control Instruments Corporation. Login. Products. PrevEx...

...of alkali will be lower. 4. THE BLEACH PLANT AT SCA ÖSTRAND AND OxyTrac DELIGNIFICATION An interesting case is the bleach plant at the SCA Östrand mill in Sweden (see figure 4.1). In 1995, the mill replaced the old bleaching lines with a new bleach plant for TCF pulp with the design capacity of 1100...

...and silicates of magnesium. The scale deposition problems can be mitigated by procurement of good quality wood furnish and good debarking systems. Proper mechanical design and operation modifications in chemical recovery, the digester area, and the brownstock screen room as well as proper operation...

Other causes of increased foaming include the use of narrower water circuit pipes that result in higher pressures on pulp slurries and whitewaters, higher water temperatures, wood pulps with higher amounts of wood extractives (TMP, PGW, CTMP), use of recycled fibres, higher machine speeds, and twin...

A NEW BROWN STOCK WASHING OPTIMIZATION METHOD FOR ECONOMICAL PULP PRODUCTION Jari Kapanen and Lasse Kuusisto Metso Paper Automation Inc., Tampere, Finland brown stock washing, process control, washing models, automation, optimization controls A new method of achieving stable control of brown stock...

In pulp mills with common blow lines from a series of batch digesters to blow tanks often problems are experienced in respect to short life of blow valves, blown out gaskets, shaking of the equipment, short life of targets in the blow tanks, etc. The reason for these damages are leaking blow valves... a biorefinery but the same design data and selection rules apply. Sizing of the vacuum equipment, including piping and accessories, is determined from process parameters such as air leakage, pressure, temperature and vapour flows. Selection of the correct technology, (wet, dry or combinations...

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Anaerobic Digesters and Gas Storage
Dystor?? Digester Gas Holder System The Dystor?? system is a digester gas holder design that uses a dome-shaped, engineered membrane system to store
See Siemens Water Technologies Information

Design and calibration of a flow-following sensor prototype...
This paper presents the design and calibration of a prototype flow-following sensor that measures and records temperature at regular time intervals

Physical model parameter estimation of a nonlinear process

Nonlinear inferential multi-rate control of Kappa number at...
Nonlinear inferential multi-rate control of Kappa number at multiple locations in a continuous pulp digester

Static Mixers, Steam Heaters, Triple Action Static Mixer and...
This patented triple action mixing design enablesKOMAX to manufacture and supply its static mixers and systems in virtually any material of
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World-leading manufacturer of valves -
Cap-Tight batch digester capping valves Pulp & paper Marine Mining LNG & cryogenics
See Velan, Inc. Information

Cellulosic ethanol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Institute of Paper Science and Technololgy
COATING Coater design Coating Fiber texture and paper/board surface roughness Minerals/pigments, fillers/coatings, two sidedness

Digester - Flowserve Corporation
Pulp and Paper Digester Digester Welcome to the Digester Sub-Industry
See Flowserve Corporation Information

Doyle pub list
MPC with Large Scale Fundamental Models: Application to a Continuous Pulp Digester?, in Nonlinear Model Predictive Control, F. Allgower and A. Zheng,

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