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  • Piston/diaphragm pressure switches
    The pressure switches normally used to turn shop air compressors on and off today typically employ a sensing element that consists of a plunger or piston working against a compression spring. The surface area of the plunger and the degree of spring compression determine the amount of pressure
  • Spectrum 2335 Series Pressure Switch
    stainless steel, as are the diaphragm sensing element and coil spring. A MIL-S-8805 snap action electrical microswitch provides the signal (open/closed) via the customer specified electrical connector. All working parts are assembled, cycled in excess of 1,000 cycles and inspected 100% to verify proper
  • Safety Critical Protection Systems: Implementing Pressure Sensor Signal Redundancy to Lower Costs
    In today's world, safe working conditions are increasingly mandated by legislation and voluntary codes of practice. Automated load monitoring systems using pressure transmitters are becoming instrumental in creating safe working environments. They play an important part in making certain
  • Design Criteria for Optimum Cooling and Shielding of Enclosures
    (MTBF), maintainability (MTTR), and a myriad of less obvious concerns. Addressing any one of these issues is a difficult design task, but it is the balancing of these requirements, while working to hit a specified cost target under time-to-market pressures, that illustrates the importance
  • Add rules and mix for rapid design variations
    . The Expressions window shows the rules and expressions for a working pressure based on a spring force. Engineering intent in NX DesignLogic, from UGS Inc., Plano Tex. ( can be expressed as associative measurements, functions, formulas, and references, as well as in figures pulled from spreadsheets and tables
  • Medical Device Link .
    how much room the conductors can take in terms of their dimension. Generally, the more dimensional room there is for a conductor, the less problematic the conductor will be, both for creating a working design and for manufacturing. Reducing the available space should be based on design refinement
  • Spacesuits get slim
    One giant step for space fashion: MIT team designs sleek, skintight spacesuit Traditional, bulky spacesuits don't give astronauts the mobility they need for working in outer space. In fact, spacesuits have only gotten heavier through the years, with current suits weighing in at about 300 lbs. About
  • CAE Inside of CAD Ups the Ante
    Many readers are probably already familiar with the idea of CAE working side by side or inside CAD. Such arrangements let engineers gain early insight into designs to improve product quality and cut product-development time, effort, and cost. The best case is CAE that fits tightly with 3D CAD
  • Medical Device Link .
    Producing a permanent working water pressure of 6000 bar, a water-jet cutting system is able to cut such modern materials as composites and ceramics, as well as steel, aluminium alloys, and glass, effectively and with exactitude. The heart of the HyperPressure abrasive-jet system
  • The 10 most-common Mistakes Made When Sizing Pneumatic Rodless Actuators
    pressure loss factor from the gage air-pressure reading. #2: Incorrectly determining the working stroke and overall length Part of the actuator stroke cannot be used due to interference of internal components and the room needed to go to the end of stroke. This is normally referred