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  • Working With Nature To Keep the Chesapeake Healthy
    making their way into the Chesapeake Bay, where they alter the natural balance of flora and fauna. Excess nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, in its waters have. Working With Nature To Keep the Chesapeake Healthy. Share/Bookmark. Working With Nature To. Keep the Chesapeake Healthy
  • Basics of Pressure Regulation
    . ./43de5f5c-b95f-4231-b6e4-35a23eef1750 Basics of Pressure Regulation. Technical Information. DEBUL2008X012. What is a regulator?. A pressure reducing regulator is a device which. reduces a high source pressure (e.g. an inlet pressure. of 3000 psig / 207 bar) to a lower working pressure. loading. (e.g. an outlet
  • Silicon Pressure Transducers
    , micro-machined silicon has a very useful. A small volume of incompressible fluid transfers. overpressure capability. Bonded foil is typically capable. the media pressure through the diaphragm to the. of withstanding 2 or 3 times its working pressure. micro-machined silicon diaphragm. The silicon. before
  • Technology Advances Equal Innovative Earth Station Designs
    for transport-. detection is nearly impossible. The. tion, automatic adjustment of signal. ability, reliability and performance under RF, IF or L-band fiber optic systems. equalizers and signal traffic monitoring. severe working environments. MITEQ. are also integrated into the inputs. There is also
  • Pressure Control In a Biogas Generator
     industry.  He is currently working . as a consultant for Equilibar, LLC in Fletcher, NC.   Learn more about precision pressure control at .,  send us an email or call us at (828)650‐6590. . Page 4 . 11/16/2010 4:57:00 PM
  • Strain Gage Pressure Transducer
    . to the actual measurement strain in other bodies. The bonded wire strain gage, which is the ancestor of the present foil strain gage, was. perfected independently and almost simultaneously in 1938 by two men working in. widely separated laboratories. Arthur C. Ruge at the Massachusetts Institute
  • Medical Device Link . To Outsource or Not to Outsource? As manufacturers face rising costs, shrinking staffs, and increasing time pressures, outsourcing may be the answer to their needs.
    of intellectual property and ownership should be included in the contract. Who keeps drawings and designs? Do rights include manufacturing processes? Working Relationship. Both companies should have a clear understanding of the working relationship. How rigid or flexible, formal or casual
  • Advances in Back Pressure Regulator Design Enable Supercritical CO2 Research
    , to avoid the damage to the FKM o-rings. This significantly reduced. operational and downtime costs. The success of the trials at University of Sydney will provide scientists and engineers working in the area. of research scale supercritical/high pressure CO2 applications tighter control and more
  • Spectrum 2335 Series Pressure Switch
    stainless steel, as are the diaphragm sensing element and coil spring. A MIL-S-8805 snap action electrical microswitch provides the signal (open/closed) via the customer specified electrical connector. All working parts are assembled, cycled in excess of 1,000 cycles and inspected 100% to verify proper
  • Advancements in Wet-to-Wet Pressure Sensing
    . and manufacturer of pressure sensors,. Prior to joining Setra, Tom working in the technical support and engineering. and transducers, humidity transmitters,. group for Blake Equipment Company, an industrial/municipal pump solutions. current switches, current transducers,. provider. He focused on proper