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    CNC Routers - (217 companies)
    CNC routers are computer-controlled machines that are capable of cutting complex two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) shapes with router bits that spin at high speeds. CNC routers consist of a mechanical base, linear rails and bearings... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    CNC Controllers - (161 companies)
    ...poles. Specifications for CNC controllers include number of axes, configuration, and features. Some CNC controllers are configured as computer boards. Others are housed in stand-alone cabinets. Desktop controllers allow machine operators to control... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    CNC Machining Services - (5836 companies)
    ...and affordable. CNC Equipment. There are a number of devices which are used in CNC machining. Mills, routers, or milling machines are cutting machines which shape solid (typically stationary) workpieces using a movable and rotatable cutting tool. Milling... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Machine Controllers and Monitors - (272 companies)
    Machine controllers and monitors use electronic numeric control and monitoring interfaces for programming and calibrating computerized machinery. They are available in form factors such as card, desktop, DIN rail, embedded, handheld, panel mounted... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Router Bits - (280 companies)
    Router bits are rotating tools that are available in a variety of profiles and shapes. They are used with routers for edge shaping. Router Bits Information. Router bits are rotating tools that are available in a variety of profiles and shapes... Learn More
  • Computer Numerical Control Software (CNC) - (62 companies)
    Costs vary widely, and types are defined by their support for solid and/or surfaced profiles. In terms of features, CNC software options include fourth-axis support, 2.5-D support, lathe support, and router support. Often, computer numerical control... Learn More
  • Serial Routers - (11 companies)
    Serial routers are protocol-dependent devices that break down large networks into smaller subnetworks. They allow multiple users to access a LAN, WAN, or the Internet without a dedicated server or PC. Serial routers often include security features... Learn More
  • Network Routers - (549 companies)
    Network routers are protocol-dependent devices that connect subnetworks, or that break down a large network into smaller subnetworks. How to Select Network Routers. Image Credit: Allied Electronics and Moxa, Inc. Network routers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • CNC Tool Changers - (33 companies)
    CNC tool changers allow a machine to perform more than one function without requiring an operator to change the tooling. A CNC toolchanger can quickly change the end effectors without the requirement of multiple robots. Toolchangers can be a manual... Learn More
  • Remote Control Software - (25 companies)
    Remote control software is used to manage devices and processes at remote locations. For example, remote desktop software can be used to control a personal computer (PC) or server at another office or location. Remote Control Software Information... Learn More
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HobbyCNC | CNC for the desktop machinist and hobbyist.
CNC for the desktop machinist and hobbyist.

Milling (machining) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
surface, and an angular groove, a good method to cut these (within a non-CNC context) would be gang milling.

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