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Detrended Fluctuation Analysis (DFA)
Software for DFA The file dfa.c is the C language source for a program that performs detrended fluctuation analysis of a time series.

Effect of Nonstationarities on Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
Detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA) is a scaling analysis method used to quantify long-range power-law correlations in signals.

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Detrended fluctuation analysis [edit References

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Analyse-it â?? software Analysis of categorical data Analysis of covariance Analysis of molecular variance

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Demo of how Hessian analysis can reveal a poorly scaled estimation problem (hessian, numerical analysis, modeling)
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Detrended Fluctuation Analysis,fractal analysis (detrended fluctuation..., selfaffinity, dfa) Detrended Fluctuation Analysis by Guan Wenye
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PhysioNet: a web-based resource for the study of physiologic...

PhysioNet: A Research Resource for Studies of Complex...
The prin- cipal benefit of sharing software in this way is becoming Our interest in automated arrhythmia detection motivated widely appreciated:

Improving FPGA Placement With Dynamically Adaptive Stochastic...
the stochastic tunneling schedule adaptively by performing detrended fluctuation analysis, and selecting move types dynamically by a multi-modal

AcqKnowledge 4 Software Guide
AcqKnowledge? 4 Software Guide For Life Science Research Applications Data Acquisition and Analysis with BIOPAC MP150 Systems Reference Manual for ?

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