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  • Hubble Peers into Heart of Dying Star
    stems from the unexpected movement of the dewar an insulated vessel containing solid nitrogen at extremely cold temperatures. After launch, the nitrogen expanded more than expected as it warmed, moving the dewar into contact with another surface in the mechanism and pushing one of the cameras out
  • Case Study:Foundry Saves $10,000 per Year by Producing it's Own Nitrogen
    these problems. In the past, Aluminum Foundries purchased liquid nitrogen dewars on a regular basis. The cost of the gas itself when added to the demurrage charge, or dewar rental, amounted to about $10,000 per year. In addition, whenever a tank was emptied, which happened once or twice a week, the job
  • Case Study: Filtration Systems Help Meat Packer Maintain High Quality
    stored in a typical high-pressure gas dewar. Gas generators also eliminate the need to handle cylinders, which presents a risk of injury caused by dropping, lifting, or asphyxiation.