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  • Smart Computing Article - The P's & Q's Of Your CRT

    The P's & Q's Of Your CRT August 2000 Vol.4 Issue 3 Page(s) 58-63 in print issue Add To My Personal Library The P's & Q's Of Your CRT What Goes On Inside Your Monitor The metal mask through which the electrons pass must expand as little as possible when it comes into contact with hot electrons

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    , flat-panel displays such as AMLCDs have an immediate advantage. When used as stand-alone monitors, these thin, lightweight displays can be up to 75% smaller than CRT monitors. The size, weight, and power-consumption advantages of flat-panel displays compared with traditional CRTs are particularly

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    , displays requiring graphic information have historically been served by monochromatic, and lately, color CRTs. In the last five years, the flat-panel display has made rapid inroads into medical electronics. With the same frontal area as a 5-in. CRT, which is 11 in. deep and weighs 50 oz (including drive

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    . Recent developments in color thin-film-transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) technology have elevated the front-of-screen performance such that it is superior to color cathode ray tubes (CRTs) in many applications. Although improvements have been made, it is worth noting that not all

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    copy displays. The needs of medical imaging are driving changes in the basic CRT to improve the visual appearance and replicate hard copy film. The fundamentals for the CRT remain the same, so the challenge in developing medical electronics that use CRTs is to extract greater performance while

  • Computer Power User Article - X-Ray Vision: SED TV

    evolved in recent years from CRTs to huge, high-def plasmas and LCDs. TV has never been better. But, if Canon and Toshiba have their way, you haven t seen the last of the great TV displays. SED (surface-conduction electron-emitter display) takes the best characteristics of CRT display technology

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Voltage Multipliers, Inc.
CRT power supplies still made in the USA!

VMI ’s CRS high voltage power supplies feature an adjustable output voltage of 11kV to 18kV and an adjustable anode current from zero - 550uA.  . CRS power supplies are designed specifically for use with CRT displays - (remember them?) and sensors.   CRTs are still around and can be found in high-end display and monitor applications that require high, crisp, contrast, deep blacks, wide range of colors, color fidelity, and fast reponse times.   VMI is one of the few sources...

Daburn Electronics & Cable
CRT High Voltage Corona Resistant PTFE Wire

Avoid Corona Problems: Corona Resistant PTFE construction is specifically designed to retard and prevent corona penetration. Small Size: You do not need bulky, thick insulation jacketing as used with silicone rubber and polyethylene insulation to get your Hi-Voltage requirements. Wire used is Mil-Spec QQ-W-343 and Mil-W-16878. Temperature Variations: Temperature variations from -90 °C to +200 °C have no life effect on the corona resistant PTFE. In addition, there is no stress or crack...

Nortech Engineering, Inc.
Mini Powerhouse for Industrial Environments

have evolved from a manufacturer of Industrial CRT's and Computers to Industrial LCD's, Panel PC's, Workstations and Rack Systems.   We also are the leading supplier of High Bright displays to the United States Coast Guard. Our products are used worldwide in a diverse range of manufacturing and process control applications.   Nortech sells to many industries: telecommunications, plastics, food, aerospace, military and system builders who provide automation software solutions.  ...