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  • 9 Tips from OSHA to Help Reduce Silica Hazards

    approved for protection against silica; if sandblasting, use abrasive blasting respirators. Do not eat, drink, apply cosmetics or smoke near crystalline silica dust. If possible, change into disposable or washable work clothes at the worksite; shower and change into clean clothing before leaving

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Select Safety Sales, LLC
Portable Decontamination Shower...lightweight

Select Safety Sales - The Speakman PDS-1000 Decontamination Shower is a portable, lightweight shower that can be used in areas where a permanent shower wouldn't be practical. It is free-standing and can be assembled in seconds. The durable stainless steel construction makes this unit strong enough to last for many years. The unit is constructed with (9) nine spray heads for thorough full body decontamination. A containment pool and privacy curtain are options that are available for this unit...

Clean Air Products
Why do you need an Air Shower?

Air showers can greatly enhance your cleanroom's performance by removing surface contamination from clothing and cleanroom garments. Gowning/changing room areas are the interface between a dirty "street clothes" environment and a clean room environment. Unfortunately, the changing or gowning process itself releases contaminants from street clothes that can settle onto the "clean" garments. Air showers blow off and remove much of this contamination preventing it from entering the clean space.

International Polymer Solutions Inc.
Diverter Valves by IPS

IPS Diverter Valve (DVTR) is designed   to pneumatically actuate and divert     fluid flow from one flow path to a       second.   Our DVTR Valve functions     as a shuttle valve to divert DI Water     or Hazardous Chemicals to a separate   drain or reclaim flow path.   The large   orifice flow path of the DVTR Valve   allows for rapid dumping of reservoirs   and tanks.   The PTFE Coated Spring    ...