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ADA-Compliant Stainless Steel Shower Channel Drain

The BL ÜCHER  BWC Waterline Shower Channel  is  a modular channel drain fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. The shower channel's thin profile enables both in-slab and above-floor construction, with a single flashing point and floor penetration. It is designed for use in commercial and ADA-compliant showers and washrooms, in medical facilities, college dorms, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and locker rooms and gyms, as well as commercial settings...

Macawber Group
Switch Valves & Flow Diverters

Switch Valve. Switch Valves and Flow Diverters are used in Pneumatic Conveying Systems where there are more than one conveying route, reception point or a combination of the two.   Keeping up with customer requirements for versatility has given us an opportunity to develop robust switch valves and flow diverters. Switch Valves. Switch Valves are sed to control which pipeline to use when there are multiple pipe route going to different reception points. These are operated automatically from...

ACS Valves
Diverter Valve - PTD

re  introducing our new plug type diverter valve. We call it the Channel Changer!...