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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
509721 PLC Radwell Rs Components Controls & Indicators, Timer & Counter DIGITAL DIAL 10TURN MECHANICANICAL
15131 PLC Radwell Spectrol Electronics Controls & Indicators, Timer & Counter COUNTER DIAL 10 TURNS DIGITAL MODEL 15
1073849 PLC Radwell Farnell Controls & Indicators, Timer & Counter COUNTING DIAL DIGITAL 10TURN
DR300 PLC Radwell Clarostat Controls & Indicators, Time & Count Totalizer DIAL DIGITAL
DR300 PLC Radwell Honeywell Controls & Indicators, Time & Count Totalizer DIAL DIGITAL
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  • Test Indicators
    , and comparators are instruments for comparative measurements of where the linear movement of a precision spindle is amplified and displayed on a dial or digital display. Test indicators have sufficient accuracy for shop or production gaging and are often machine mounted. Indicators have a higher degree
  • Digital Calipers Go Beyond Basics (.pdf)
    , automotive and hobby. reads “0” or set it to zero, using the zero. featured digital measuring systems. But. measuring tasks. But when most people. button on a digital caliper or set the dial. it is a testament to the simplicity and. pick up today’s digital caliper, they still. to zero on a dial
  • Digital déjà vu
    When digital electronics were introduced 30 years ago, many predicted the end of all analog devices, from dial indicators to watches and speedometers. It hasn't happened. Analog. watches have returned to popularity, speedometers remain largely analog, and for many gaging applications - where
  • Comparative ID/OD Gaging
    measurement, these gages require a master to set a zero. and outside diameters. At the low end, a hole could be mea-. reference point. They also have relatively limited travel which allows. sured with a scale or a fixed go/no-go gage. At the other extreme, the use of high resolution dial or digital
  • The Adjustable Snap Gage is a Versatile Tool for Taking OD Measurements on the Shop Floor (.pdf)
    with a. But there is no rule that says an adjust-. The earliest snap gages of the fixed or. dial indicator and the whole scenario. able indicating gage has to have a. go/no-go variety did their job well,. changed. Indicating snap gages are able. mechanical dial indicator. Digital indi-. and thousands are still in use
  • Good, Better and Best with Handheld Gauging (.pdf)
    indicating. gauge has to have a mechanical dial indicator. One can specify. digital indicators, air probes, or electronic probes. With a good. digital indicator you can achieve resolution of 20 microinches,. for tolerance measurements tighter than .0005 in. Aside from the higher performance of the snap gauge
  • Optical Comparators in Medical Device Manufacturing
    Height Gages. Height Gage Accessories. Other Height Gages. Depth Gages. Electronic Depth Gages. Dial Depth Gages. Vernier & Rule Depth Gages. Depth Gage Accessories. Indicators & Gages. Test Indicators. Back Plunger Indicators. Dial Indicators. Electronic Indicators. Indicator Accessories. Holders
  • How to Maintain your Dust Collector
    to maintain your dust collector - Powder & Bulk Solids - Articles - Dwyer Instruments. Series Model Number Keyword Manuals. Products. Product Categories. Pressure. Differential Pressure. Gages. Gage / Switches - Dial. Gage / Switches - Digital. Monitors. Remote Displays. Switches. Transmitters
  • Caliper Basics
    units on. rod built into the instrument’s beam. dial indicator. The indicator is fixed. the readout, tolerance indications,. There are three basic types of caliper. to the moveable jaw and engaged. digital output to electronic data. that may be found today in a machin-. with a toothed rack on the body
  • Pressure Transmitters Increasing Efficiency and Safety
    , Digital. Thermometers. Dial. Digital. Infrared. Spirit-Filled. Thermostats. Weatherproof Enclosures. Process Control. Current Transformers / Switches. Fan Speed Controllers. Indicating Annunciators. Intrinsically Safe Barriers. Isolating Transmitters. Motion/Safety Switches. Panel Meters/Indicators