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  • Airport metal detector activation is rare after posterior spinal fusion in children with scoliosis
    This is most probably due to the ferromagnetic (attracted to a magnetic field) properties of stainless steel versus the diamagnetic (not attracted to a magnetic field) nature of titanium... ...indicating that titanium implants have the lowest rates of metal detector triggering [4–10].
  • Sensors and Signal Conditioning 2nd Edition
    ...Degaussing, 106 Delay, first-order system, 23-25 Delay, second-order system, 28-29 Demagnetization factor, 257 Densitometer, 119 Density measurement, 455-456 Detection, metal , 113 Detectivity, 358 Detector , see also Sensor, 3... ...521 switched-gain, 306 Diamagnetic material, 60 Diaphragm control...
  • Physics for Chemists and Biologists
    ...scattering, 181 Decibel, 115 Degree, centigrade, 292 Fahrenheit, 292 Kelvin, 291 Rankin,292 Delta-Wye transformation, 44 Depth of field, 187 Depth offocus, 187 Detection of aberrations, 193 Detectors of electromagnetic radiation, characteristics... ...258 Dextro-rotation, 200 Diamagnetic materials, 17 Dichroism, 196... ...and viscosity, 63 free electron theory, 65 in gases and plasmas, 63 in metals , 65 mechanism of...
  • Photoionization microscopy of hydrogen atom near a metal surface equivalent simulation to investigate the effect of strong diamagnetic fields on the ionization dynamics and manifests how the chaos comes to play a role when the “ diamagnetic term�? . predominates.[39] We... ...microscopy of atom near metal surface will exhibit similar... ...elec- tron waves travel along different classical paths from the ion to the detector and the different...
  • Author index
    ...A. J., observations of Van Allen radiation regions, (D)530 - and R. Karplus, diamagnetic ring currents, 4090... ...Smirnov, thermal conductivity of Ge with different carrier con- centrations, 2678 Dewhirst, D. W., with othters, radio source Hercules-A, 3741 de Wijn, H. W., harmonic generator and detector for mm-A region... ...micro- wave transmission through metal disk delav dielectrics, 429...
  • Subject Index
    253 with application to multipath scatter communi- cation, 3618 of signals in noise,. optimum rnetwork functions for, 3729 of two sigilals in random mioise, 3617 Detectors , a.m., performance of, straight... -150 aC, 863 of diamagnetic fluid, inflsuence of strong... ...Materials) absorption in, 3036 artificial, anisotropy due to wavelength)element- spacing ratio, 3403 metal -flake, 2111 metal...
  • Comparison of two new portable magnetic susceptibility measurement systems
    Both sensors are sensitive enough to measure diamagnetic materials such as water, however, which is useful in... Keywords: EMI, metal detector , landmine, demining, magnetic viscosity, UXO, magnetometer, magnetic susceptibility .
  • Paramagnetic Meissner Effect and AC Magnetization in Roll-Bonded Cu–Nb Layered Composites
    For thin disks, although the sample is diamagnetic , the measured magnetization can be positive as a consequence of both the demagnetization effect and the overall characteristics of the detector [20]. ...char- acteristics of the so-called PME was observed in a nor- mal metal -superconductor (N–S) structure.
  • Beryllium
    The low density of beryllium allows collision products to reach the surrounding detectors without significant interaction, its stiffness allows a powerful vacuum to be produced... temperatures of only a few degrees above absolute zero, and its diamagnetic nature keeps it from... ...its stiffness, light weight and dimensional stability over a wide temperature range, beryllium metal is used for...
  • The temperature stabilization system of CUORICINO: an array of macro bolometers
    At very low temperatures the heat capacity of copper, a metal , is proportional to the temperature, while... , a dielectric and diamagnetic material, is proportional to the third power of temperature. As a consequence the overall heat capacity of the 62 detectors is negligible in comparison to that...

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