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    RF Power Detector ICs - (8 companies)
    RF Power Detector IC's. are chips that detect the presence and strength of an RF signals and provide a corresponding output. Description. Radio Frequency (RF) Power Detector ICs are chips that detect the presence and strength of an RF signals...
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  • Industrial Metal Detectors-Image
    Industrial Metal Detectors - (200 companies)
    Industrial metal detectors indicate the presence of metal in nonconductive materials such as textiles, rubber, oils or liquids, plastics, powders, wood products and concrete. Industrial metal detectors indicate the presence of metal in nonconductive...
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  • Metal Sheet-Image
    Metal Sheet - (808 companies)
    How to Select Metal Sheet. Metal sheet is metal or alloy stock supplied or available in the form of sheet or foil. It has a thickness between 0.006" and 0.250", and a width of 24" (609.6 mm) or more. How Are Metal Sheets Made?. Sheet metal can...
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  • Metal Bellows-Image
    Metal Bellows - (139 companies)
    Metal bellows perform a number of tasks including sealing environments, carrying gases, liquids and slurry, and mechanically coupling for electrical contact. Metal bellows perform the function of sealing environments, carrying gases, liquids...
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  • Metal Balls-Image
    Metal Balls - (125 companies)
    How to Select Metal Balls. Metal balls are rolling, spherical elements that exhibit greater strength and toughness than plastic and ceramic balls. They have a sufficient hardness for many industrial ball applications, and most products...
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    Sheet Metal Fabrication Services - (2444 companies)
    Sheet metal fabrication services manufacture components by cutting, bending, rolling, forming, stamping, and welding sheet metal. Sheet Metal Fabrication Services Information. Sheet metal fabrication services providers manufacture components...
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    Metal Strip - (293 companies)
    How to Select Metal Strip. Metal strip is narrow, thin stock that is usually 3/16 in. (4.76 mm) or less in thickness and under 24 in. (609.6 mm) in width. Metal strips are formed to precise thicknesses and/or width requirements. How Is Metal Strip...
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    Metal Ring Seals - (85 companies)
    Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high operating temperatures, pressures, and vacuums. They can also withstand cryogenic conditions and high face-to-face cycling. Metal ring seals are static devices that can withstand high...
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    Metal Wire - (533 companies)
    How to Select Metal Wire. Metal wires are flexible, typically cylindrical rods of metal. They are designed for carrying electricity and for bearing physical stresses and loads. How Is Metal Wire Made?. Producing metal wire involves a number...
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    Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) - (78 companies)
    Metal oxide varistors (MOV) are semiconductors that protect electronic components and systems from transient voltages. Construction and Operation. These clamping devices contain a matrix of zinc oxide grains sandwiched between two metal plates which...
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  • Airport metal detector activation is rare after posterior spinal fusion in children with scoliosis
    This is most probably due to the ferromagnetic (attracted to a magnetic field) properties of stainless steel versus the diamagnetic (not attracted to a magnetic field) nature of titanium … … indicating that titanium implants have the lowest rates of metal detector triggering [4–10].
  • Sensors and Signal Conditioning 2nd Edition
    … Degaussing, 106 Delay, first-order system, 23-25 Delay, second-order system, 28-29 Demagnetization factor, 257 Densitometer, 119 Density measurement, 455-456 Detection, metal , 113 Detectivity, 358 Detector , see also Sensor, 3 … … 521 switched-gain, 306 Diamagnetic material, 60 Diaphragm control …
  • Photoionization microscopy of hydrogen atom near a metal surface
    … an equivalent simulation to investigate the effect of strong diamagnetic fields on the ionization dynamics and manifests how the chaos comes to play a role when the “ diamagnetic term” . predominates.[39] We … … microscopy of atom near metal surface will exhibit similar … … elec- tron waves travel along different classical paths from the ion to the detector and the different …
  • Author index
    … A. J., observations of Van Allen radiation regions, (D)530 - and R. Karplus, diamagnetic ring currents, 4090 … … Smirnov, thermal conductivity of Ge with different carrier con- centrations, 2678 Dewhirst, D. W., with othters, radio source Hercules-A, 3741 de Wijn, H. W., harmonic generator and detector for mm-A region … … micro- wave transmission through metal disk delav dielectrics, 429 …
  • Subject Index
    253 with application to multipath scatter communi- cation, 3618 of signals in noise,. optimum rnetwork functions for, 3729 of two sigilals in random mioise, 3617 Detectors , a.m., performance of, straight … … to -150 aC, 863 of diamagnetic fluid, inflsuence of strong … … Materials) absorption in, 3036 artificial, anisotropy due to wavelength)element- spacing ratio, 3403 metal -flake, 2111 metal …
  • Comparison of two new portable magnetic susceptibility measurement systems
    Both sensors are sensitive enough to measure diamagnetic materials such as water, however, which is useful in … Keywords: EMI, metal detector , landmine, demining, magnetic viscosity, UXO, magnetometer, magnetic susceptibility .
  • Paramagnetic Meissner Effect and AC Magnetization in Roll-Bonded Cu–Nb Layered Composites
    For thin disks, although the sample is diamagnetic , the measured magnetization can be positive as a consequence of both the demagnetization effect and the overall characteristics of the detector [20]. … char- acteristics of the so-called PME was observed in a nor- mal metal -superconductor (N–S) structure.
  • The temperature stabilization system of CUORICINO: an array of macro bolometers
    At very low temperatures the heat capacity of copper, a metal , is proportional to the temperature, while … , a dielectric and diamagnetic material, is proportional to the third power of temperature. As a consequence the overall heat capacity of the 62 detectors is negligible in comparison to that …
  • Investigation of the significance of the 'body effect' on sensitivity to metallic objects in a walk-through metal detector
    Most biological tissues contain water, which is weakly diamagnetic , having a real magnetic susceptibility, χ, of about … An example of an inductive response from a metal object, in this case a model aluminium gun [7] as defined by the US … … normalised such that the object is defined at being in the centre of the detector at t=0s.
  • Electron paramagnetic and muon spin resonance studies in fullerenes
    One of the advantages of utilizing flow EPR asa detector in M@C2, separations is the high specificity for endohedral metallofullerenes with an odd number of encapsulated metal at- oms. … one wishes to isolate metallofullerenes of the type M2@C2, (e.g., Y2@C84); all these species are diamagnetic .

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