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  • How Do I Machine Composite Bearings?
    . The typical tolerance for perpendicularity is 0.005" off the chop saw. Polygon recommends a diamond plated blade tipped with 120 grit diamonds. A rougher grit (80) can be used but that will often times result in a poorer surface finish. Polygon also recommends having the blade turning at between 1500-3000
  • Carbon
    Carbon (C) is a non-metallic element with an extremely high sublimation temperature and a wide variety of crystalline structure forms (polymorphism). Carbon is available as amorphous / vitreous carbon, pyrolytic graphite, hexagonal graphite, diamond or diamond-like carbon. Carbon without
  • Beryllia
    Beryllia (BeO) is a toxic compound of beryllium metal and oxygen. Beryllia's combination of high electrical-resistivity and high thermal-conductivity is useful for electronic substrates. Beryllia ceramics provide a thermal conductivity that is only second to diamond among electrically-insulating
  • Boron Nitride
    , meaning that it occurs in a wide variety of crystalline structure forms. BN is available as amorphous or vitreous, pyrolytic, hexagonal and cubic crystal structures. Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a superabrasive that is second only to diamond in hardness. BN is more resistant to oxidation than carbon
  • Vickers and Knoop Hardness Testers
    specifies a range of loads between 1 to 1000 gf. There are two types of indenters, a square base pyramid shaped diamond for testing in a Vickers tester and a narrow rhombus shaped indenter for a Knoop tester. The micro-hardness methods are used to test on metals, ceramics, and composites - almost any type
  • Looking Back 05/07/09
    eraser have been developed by 's Diamond Ordnance Fuze Laboratories, Washington. The lamp, top, measures 0.03 x 0.1 in. and uses 40-mA current at 1.5 V. It can be used as a probe-tip light, controlpanel dial light, or anywhere a near-point source of light is needed. The transmitter, bottom, is primarily
  • U.S. Patents | July 2006 | A B T |
    (20060502), Method and apparatus for fuel/air preparation in a fuel cell, Kenneth J. Dauer, Michael R. Salemi, Richard F. Nashburn, and John Kirwan, Delphi Technologies, Inc. U.S. 7,037,370 (20060502), Free-standing diamond structures and methods, Gerald T. Mearini and James A. Dayton Jr. U.S.
  • Equipment Buying Guide: Mezzanine Basics
    ) and wood or composite overlayment, diamond plate, lightweight concrete, expanded steel and bar grating. Business benefits. "Because mezzanines can depreciate like equipment, unlike capital-intensive build-outs, the installation of a mezzanine can be the most economical way to increase the use

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