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Taking a fresh look at sensors Advances in technology are changing how and where diagnostic sensors are used. Gillian McMahon, Edel Minogue, and Dermot Diamond Sensor technology is merging with communications and information technology to probe the world of the human body and report back using some...

...manufactured by a common process: channels formed in acrylic, pneumatically actuated membrane valves, and optical fluid detectors.7 Combinations of these three elements are capable of performing all basic fluid-handling operations. Fluid circuit technology is a fluidics-based technology that is best suited...

...such as prosthetics, access ports for long-term drug delivery, and disposable catheters. Various 100%-solid, nontoxic adhesives can be used for bonding plastic tips to tubing, joining fibre-optic bundles for light guides, and adhering diamond scalpel blades for surgical instruments. Electrically conductive...

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A particularly interesting solution has been found for a case where the phase advance in both planes at the detector location are close to pi/2.

Light-emitting diode - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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a family of bound states consisting of a bottom and anti-bottom quark, was observed at SLAC?s Babar detector; background at Physics Today, Sept 2008

Model Train Electronic Circuits or Electronic Schematics -...
Optoisolator Block Occupancy Detector: (electronic circuit added 7/03) Rail Crossing Diamond Protection: (electronic circuit added 7/03)

In-Beam Diamond Start Detectors
Detectors, Diamond-like carbon, Noise, Capacitance, Resistors, Signal resolution, timing electronics, Analog integrated circuits, detector

Electrode design of coplanar-grid diamond film detectors by...
and Integrated Circuit Technology Conference Title: 2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Solid-State and Integrated Circuit Technology (ICSICT)

Semiconductor Applet Services
Zincblende and Diamond structures ( GaAs, Si, etc.) : unitcell with a list of material property.

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