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Parts by Number for Diamond Grit Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
ST14SS80GRIT PLC Radwell Stone Construction Equipment Tools, Electric Saw SPEED SHARPNER DIAMOND & TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BLADE
011-0032-00 Global Industrial Werkmaster Not Provided Werkmaster ™ Concrete Tooling, 011-0032-00, 21" Diamond Burnishing Pad, 3000 Grit, 1 Pack
266350 Global Industrial Star Tool Supply Not Provided Import Diamond Cut-Off Wheels 6" Dia. X .035" Thick, 100n Grit
12015 Global Industrial Edmar Abrasive Co. Not Provided Edmar 7" Diamond Metal Grinding Wheel 50 Grit

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  • Gaging Transducer Use in a Synthetic Diamond Press
    blades for cutting both by the machine operator and by an automated controller. concrete, marble and granite in the road construction industry. Used worldwide for making quality diamond grit, these im- For this application, the customer discovered during design. pressive machines are an important tool
  • How to Square Up and True 11A2 and 11V9 Diamond Wheels on Single Lip Tool and Cutter Grinders
    One of the ways this is done is to take some silicon carbide 100 grit abrasive and, on a flat surface or lapping plate, do some figure eight strokes. After two or three strokes, index the diamond wheel one sixth of a turn. This keeps the wheel square with its. Diamond Industrial Tools, Inc - How
  • Natural Diamond Single Point Dressing Tools: Where, When, and How to Use Them
    Quality Octahedrons. For consistant production applications use multiple natural diamond stone and mesh tools. In all dressing applications, keep your infeeds below .001 maximum. Any heavier depth of dress will crush the bond posts of the wheel .006 to .018 deep into the wheel. The grits
  • Choosing the Right Diamond Tool for Your Applications
    When dressing simple forms, nearly any tool type will suffice, though grit tools work well. Grit tools provide significantly longer tool life, which reduces dressing costs. Single point and grit tools are not typically used when dressing intricate forms, as the metal surrounding the diamond(s
  • Diamonds on Demand Science & Nature Smithsonian Magazine
    I'm sitting in a fast-food restaurant outside Boston that, because of a nondisclosure agreement I had to sign, I am not allowed to name. I'm waiting to visit Apollo Diamond, a company about as secretive as a Soviet-era spy agency. Its address isn't published. The public relations staff wouldn't
  • Medical Device Link .
    a material on which it is difficult to achieve a good surface finish due to its softness, which can lead to clogging of the diamond material on the tool. The firm used bore-finishing mandrels and diamond sleeves with a large diamond grit size and preconditioned the tooling. This reduces the amount
  • How Do I Machine Composite Bearings?
    . The typical tolerance for perpendicularity is 0.005" off the chop saw. Polygon recommends a diamond plated blade tipped with 120 grit diamonds. A rougher grit (80) can be used but that will often times result in a poorer surface finish. Polygon also recommends having the blade turning at between 1500-3000
  • AN0016 Micro-sectioning of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
    to determine in some cases whether faults are real or artifacts by changing the. grinding direction periodically, and examining the micro section at each stage. Polishing of Micro Section. It is common to use fine diamond slurries to polish micro sections. These may be of very fine. particle size (example

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