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TW-DB-SET-6A Not Provided Tools & Test Equipment / Screwdrivers & Torque Tools / Driver Bits & Driver Bit Sets Wera driver bit set, six-piece, 1/4 inch hex drive adapter, includes two flat (slotted) (5.5 and 6.5 mm) and four Phillips (2 x #1 and 2 x #2) driver bits with diamond-coated non-slip tips. Carrying case included. Equivalent Wera p/n 135956.

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  • How to Choose Soldering Iron Tips
    be necessary to access difficult areas. Choosing the Tip – Because thick, short tips store more heat and transfer it more efficiently than long, narrow ones, the standard chisel and diamond configurations are usually the most popular choices. The chisel tip is typically used for joining components
  • Hot Isostatic Pressing: Today and Tomorrow (.pdf)
    production use of gas pressure bonding. at Westinghouse for the flat plate fuel elements applied in the pressurized. water reactor. At about the same time, ASEA-Sweden employed an ultra-high pressure. process to make the first synthetic diamonds in the world, transitioning. graphite to diamond
  • Medical Device Link .
    devices. The eight-page technical paper explains the potential uses of the company's USP Class VI compatible adhesives. The 100%-solid, nontoxic adhesives have been used for bonding plastic tips to tubing, bonding fiber-optic bundles for light guides, and adhering diamond scalpel blades for surgical
  • Selected Properties of Commercially Available Technical Ceramics
    and penetration tests. Each test. derives an empirical number specifically related to the characteristics of the test. The Knoop. hardnesses listed in Table II are derived from an indentation test wherein a small rhombus shaped. diamond point is pressed against the ceramic surface at a specific load
  • Fiber Polishing
    and the type of polishing films used. POLISHING FILMS: The particle material of the polishing film is the key factor determining the amount of undercut. Diamond, silicon carbide, and aluminum oxide are the three most popular materials used today. A mixture of different film materials may be necessary
    ). does not affect greatly the ultimate strength and the. true stress at fracture. Hardness measures resistance to deformation (4). This. is usually expressed in the Moh scale by scratch test in. Except for permanent strain, it has been assumed to. which the diamond has a scale of 10 and talc a scale
  • Characterizing Fatigue Response of Nickel-Titanium (.pdf)
    nonhomoge-. neous microscopic discontinuities that may inhibit slip and act as stress raisers. Another study utilized a tabletop testing device that oscillates forces, creating a mean strain state. of Nitinol materials 2 . It was found that fatigue life of Nitinol diamond-shaped specimens increased
  • Medical Device Link .
    not provide for sufficient molecular alignment and can cause excessive extrudate swell (Figure 6). Impregnation of the tooling with selected materials (nickel-Teflon, carbonlike diamond, etc.) has proven to be beneficial in reducing "slip-stick" in the die region. Ultrasonic energy applied to the die can

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