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  • Medical Device Link . Implantable Pumps Improve Drug Delivery, Strengthen Weak Hearts Complete pump systems may someday replace damaged or defective organs.
    : displacement of the piston draws the insulin from a reservoir into a piston chamber; when the piston returns to its original position, if forces the insulin through a free-floating catheter, which is usually inserted into the patient's peritoneal cavity. The Infusaid pump uses freon gas to produce positive
  • Pump Basics
    . They operate on a 'what goes in, must come out' principle. Reciprocating Positive Displacement pumps may use plungers with static seals; pistons with dynamic seals; or liquid diaphragms to achieve their pumping action. Output may also be a function of the number of cylinders a pump possesses. Commonly
  • Peristaltic Pumps in the Food Industry
    , reduced downtime and lower maintenance costs. Peristaltic pumping is the fastest growing pump technology in the world, displacing more complex and higher maintenance positive displacement (PD) pumps as the pump of choice for food processing. Peristaltic pumps are inherently valveless and sealless and have
  • Vacuum and Pressure Handbook: Vacuum Pumps
    condensed water vapor. Positive Displacement Vacuum Pumps. Vacuum pumps fall into the same categories as air compressors do. That is, they are either. positive displacement or nonpositive displacement machines. A positive displacement. pump draws a relatively constant volume of air despite variations
  • Peristaltic Pumps Provide Option for Ethanol Producers
    the differences in the various types of pumps. An Overview of Positive Displacement Pumps. Unlike constant-speed, solids-handling centrifugal pumps, which are predominantly used in transferring fluids, positive displacement (PD) pumps were created to meter or transfer hard-to-handle fluids like
  • Fluid Transfer Pumps
    Fluid-handling or transfer devices are not basically concerned with the modulation or transfer of power, but only with the movement of fluid. Two major types of fluid-transfer pumps are positive-displacement (either bulk-handling or metering pumps) and nonpositive-displacement (centrifugal
  • Medical Device Link . Pump Suppliers Boost Performance, Not Prices
    for a specific volume, the pump provides an accurate dispense each and every time, regardless of internal variations or machine-to-machine changes." Diener Precision Pumps Ltd. A company that supplies various types of positive displacement metering pumps to medical device OEMs has more than 30 years
  • The Sky's The Limit- Plastic AODD Pumps in the Manufacture of Solar Cells (.pdf)
    . These are positive-displacement pumps that make use of a unique construction that features two pump chambers. There is a diaphragm in each of the pump chambers that are connected by a shaft. When the compression stroke takes place in one chamber, the suction stroke takes place simultaneously

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