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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
CART0N National Microchip SPECIAL Not Provided DIE CUT
ED-3036-6PHFL Global Industrial Brennan Equipment Mfg Not Provided Little Giant ® Ergonomic Die Cart, 36 X 30, 1500 Lbs. Capacity
3-TC-242-4/5-2DB-VS-6B Global Industrial Stronghold Products Not Provided Maintenance/Die Makers Tool Cart

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  • Plastics Processing..... How Plastic Resin Becomes Pipe, Valve, Etc.
    Pipe is one of the more common types of plastic product we are familiar with. Pipe is produced by an extrusion process. Basically extrusion can be defined as forcing a material through a die orifice. This die orifice produces the final shape of the finished product. It is probably a bit of over
  • Medical Device Link .
    Metal Fabricator Die-Casts High-Resolution Ultrasound Housing Other providers offer cutting, photolithography, and laser technologies More than 10,000 hand-carried all-digital ultrasound systems are in use worldwide, according to Chicago White Metal Casting Inc. (CWM; Bensenville, IL). In designing
  • Medical Device Link .
    A company's rapid prototyping system allows for quick turnaround of precision metal stampings with a process that closely simulates the results of a high-speed progressive die. Engineering and development costs are kept low through the use of interchangeable tooling components. Only the tooling
  • Hungry for large parts? Try a composite sandwich
    , producing both an inner and outer skin. Reinforcement fibers are then attached to the inner surface of each skin. These formed skins are then transferred to a matched die mold, where they are held in place. When the die is closed, a cavity is created between the two surfaces. Polyurethane resin
  • Proof of Performance
    cleaning when checked... There have been no servo valve failures due to oil contamination. Texas Die Casting (Texas) - Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Oklahoma) By testing the Filtroil unit against two other industry filtration units, we are convinced this system is the best available
  • Medical Device Link . Passive Component Integration: An Array of Miniaturization Solutions
    . One custom nine-capacitor array used for high-end hearing aids has terminals on all four sides and can serve as the platform for a wire-bonded die. High-reliability arrays that have from 3 to 10 capacitors each are being used in implantable pacemakers and defibrillators. One of these arrays has two
  • Case Study: Five-axis CMM inspection lets
    at Maryville include aluminum die-casting, plastic injection molding, extensive amounts of machining, painting and assembly. All engines – approximately 500,000 per year – are run-off before shipping as well. "We use the Kawasaki Production System (KPS)," said JC Watts, Quality Control Technical Group
  • IEEE-488 Tutorial
    Options. L-com offers three different cable options to best satisfy customer needs and maximize value: MOLDED. DELUXE. PREMIUM. Backshell Detail. PVC molded backshell over internal steel shell enclosure. Die cast aluminum, nickel plated backshell. Die cast aluminum, nickel plated backshell. Connector
  • Small Parts, Smaller Features
    small dental tools more than 50 years ago, manufactures micro drills for drilling abrasive PC boards, and manufactures metalcutting tools, primarily for the mold and die sector. Today, the company produces more than 25 million off-the-shelf tools per month on equipment of its own design
  • An Introduction to Industrial Ethernet Connection Systems
    . This level of ingress protection can be provided by many of today 's industrial grade plastic housings. However, there are applications in which a metal solution is desired, especially if resistance to fire and even explosions is of concern. These normally consist of die-cast Zinc or nickel plated alloy