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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
DB25M/DIE-CAST National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
HEATSINK - DIE CAST ASAP Semiconductor 847381944 Not Provided 000320
B-014 DIE-CAST ASAP Semiconductor MEC Not Provided Not Provided
FLE 5010.228.029 PEI-Genesis Flexa Not Provided USW-P ZN DIE-CASTING AD36 PG29
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  • Faster, more predictable die casting
    Alloys of zinc and magnesium sport a wide range of physical and mechanical properties. The result is enormous flexibility in selecting die-casting materials for small, complex components. Designers have a broad latitude of materials to choose from for small die-cast components. Each of five zinc
  • Die Casting Design and Specification Guide
    The guidelines presented in this publication are intended to aid OEM product. design engineers in designing and specifying parts for cost-effective die. casting production-in aluminum, magnesium, zinc and ZA-8 alloys.
  • Die Casting 101: About Alloys
    Die casting alloys are normally non-ferrous, and there is a large number available with a wide range of physical and mechanical properties covering almost every conceivable application a designer might require. All are discussed here.
  • Where die casting makes "cents "
    for the gears. But tooling constraints and tolerance-control issues precluded their use. Plastics also were ruled out due to tolerance and strength limitations. That left die casting. One plus was that it combined the individual components -- the screw thread, helical gear, internal bearing journal
  • Optimization of Die Casting Processes Using Infrared Thermography
    A very critical point to reach in any die casting process is thermal balance. This steady state thermal equilibrium point is arrived at by the die casting machine in conjunction with all of the other parameters which can affect the process. Parameters include molten metal temperatures, die lube
  • EnterpriseIQ-Case study: Top Die Casting
    But while company growth has been steady, and quality output a mainstay, Top Die Casting was hindered in the past by an outdated, home-grown enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and needed to update their internal IT system.
  • Monitoring and Controlling a Die Casting Press
    CAS DataLoggers recently supplied the data acquisition and control solution for a prominent manufacturer operating die cast presses. These presses used hydraulic systems to force molten metal into a die, forming intricately-shaped parts requiring little final machining for use as engine components
  • Time Stamped With a Zinc Die Casting
    . These precision wheels are net-shape die cast by Dynacast Inc.'s facility in Spartanburg, SC.The print wheels were originally screw machined from brass stock, hand engraved and assembled to a stamped ratchet. Through a value analysis/value engineering process Dynacast provided Lathem with a substantial

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