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  • Foundry Equipment and Supplies-Image
    Foundry Equipment and Supplies - (175 companies)
    Foundry equipment and foundry supplies used in die casting, investment casting and other metal casting operations. Foundry equipment and foundry supplies include mixers and molding machines, ovens, ladles, and transporters, as well as metals... Learn More
  • Metal Casting Services-Image
    Metal Casting Services - (1703 companies)
    ...bars, billets, blooms, or slabs. Castings and cast stock in specialty shapes are also available. Types of Casting. Metal casting techniques include sand casting, plaster casting, die casting, and permanent mold casting. Sand casting, also known... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Mold and Die Change Equipment-Image
    Mold and Die Change Equipment - (56 companies)
    ...and quick die change equipment is used to expedite many different processes. Examples blow molding, compression molding, die casting, die forging, extrusion, injection molding, investment casting, lost foam casting, permanent mold casting, powder metal... Learn More
  • Mold Making Services-Image
    Mold Making Services - (1774 companies)
    Mold making services design and build tooling and patterns for a variety of molding processes, including investment casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting, die casting, lost foam casting, powder metal, die forging, injection molding, blow... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Resins and Compounds-Image
    Resins and Compounds - (363 companies)
    Resins and compounds are used for shape fabrication or bond formation. Types include adhesive, casting, and leveling resins; caulk and grout; and sealants and thread lockers. How to Select Resins and Compounds. Resins and compounds are used... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Casting Machines - (27 companies)
    Casters and casting machines handle and process molten metals, alloys, and materials to form a net shape, near-net shape, or continuous stock shape. Variations include die casting machines, vacuum casting machines, continuous or strand casting... Learn More
  • Molding Machines - (383 companies)
    ...material through a shaped die. After the hot material exits the die, it is cooled and cut to length. Plastic extrusion equipment is used for the low cost manufacturing of intricate shapes. Plastic dip molding is another low-cost alternative. Dip... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Crucibles - (162 companies)
    ...of materials that can withstand extremely high temperatures, such as alumina, silicon carbide, quartz, or water-cooled copper. They may be large vessels, built-in place liners for industrial iron or aluminum melting in primary production plants, metal casting... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Ingots and Casting Stock - (153 companies)
    Ingots and casting stock are metal and alloy product forms designed for foundry work, die casting, investment casting, and other metal casting applications. How to Select Ingots and Casting Stock. Ingots and casting stock are metal and alloy product... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Trade Shows, Conferences, and Exhibitions - (521 companies)
    Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions are public gatherings used to present and discuss information about a specific field or the products and services of a particular industry segment. Learn More
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