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  • The Anisotropy of Dielectric Constant in TLY-5A Material
    Dielectric Division or Industry Peers. Contact us for more information. Taconic ADD publishes technical articles in trade magazines and presents technical papers at microwave conferences. We also receive technical articles from our customers and leading OEMs. We would like to make them available to our
  • Reed Relays Carry Out Switching Functions in Performance Boards Used in Integrated Circuits
    signals from DC up to 20. GHz (SRF). • 50 characteristic impedance. • Switch to shield capacitance < 0.5 picofarads. • Dielectric strength across the contacts 200. volts. • Contacts dynamically tested. • Surface mounted. • Very low profile. • BGAs available. • Rugged thermoset over-molded packaging
  • Comprehensive Methodology to Characterize and Mitigate BGA Pad Cratering in Printed Circuit Boards
    tin-lead solder joints, and some lead-free compatible PCB dielectric materials are more brittle than conventional tin-lead compatible PCB materials. These two factors, coupled with the higher peak reflow temperatures for lead-free assembly, could transfer more strain to the PCB dielectric structure
  • Using Heavy Copper and EXTREME Copper in PCB Design and Fabrication for Maximum Reliability
    carrying capacity of several traces of differing cross-sectional areas with a 30 C temperature rise. What constitutes an acceptable amount of heat rise will differ from project to project. Most circuit board dielectric materials can withstand temperatures of 100 C above ambient, although this amount
  • Krytar Directional Coupler 2 - 50 GHz (.pdf)
    etched on opposite sides of a thin center board that is in turn sandwiched between two dielectric boards of. equal thickness. The design was accomplished with Krytar’s proprietary CAD program and features State-of-the-art flat. Microwave performance. The coupler’s frequency sensitivity or coupling
  • FlexiCap TM - Reducing Mechanical Cracking on PCBs
    range of Multilayer Capacitors to permit greater degrees of board bending without damage to capacitors. The multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is the capacitor of choice for surface mount applications. There are generally three dielectric categories available; C0G [NP0], X7R and Y5V. Sizes usually range
  • Multilayer Lamination Methods for PTFE-Based PCBs
    will be reviewed: · Single lamination, all PTFE based laminates · Single lamination, mixed dielectrics · Sequential lamination, all PTFE based laminates · Sequential lamination, mixed dielectrics. Technical Articles written by Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division or Industry Peers. Contact us for more
  • Krytar 3 dB 90 Degree Hybrids. Covers 0.5 - 40 GHz (.pdf)
    between. two equal thickness dielectric boards. The tight 3 dB coupling is realized by using a non-uniform. tapered line design synthesized with a CAD program developed at Krytar. Typical amplitude and phase imbalance performance is shown in figure 3 for model 3100400 which. covers 10 – 40 GHz