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    , but retains thermal stability to 325 C. When cured fully, it provides a lap shear strength of 1800 psi. Other product features include a dielectric constant of 4.1 and a dissipation factor of 0.027. The material has a shelf life of two weeks when stored at a temperature of 25 C. One-part adhesive offers
  • FLEXcon's Performance Products for Vibration Damping (.pdf)
    . • are designed to form a bond in sub-zero cold, or to maintain adhesion. at temperatures in excess of 500ºF (260ºC). • bond to low surface energy substrates. • resist “out gassing”. • respond to low frequency AC. • greatly resist dielectric breakdown. • act as a thermal insulator, or facilitate heat
  • Layout and Physical Design Guidelines for Capacitive Sensing
    of material given identical testing condi- ? ? A o r C = tions. This is because the dielectric constant of window d glass is higher than the dielectric of acrylics. Numerous specifications for a particular acrylic or type of glass Another related concern is the proximity of a button to exist
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    , repeatable dots or neat, controlled beads. The adjustable vacuum control exerts a constant negative pressure during application, preventing adhesive from dripping and damaging part surfaces. Microprecision laser processing is performed at Nd:YAG laser workstations. The service is especially well suited
  • Comparing the Performance Characteristics of DuraSurf UHMW-PE to Other Materials
    !. !. TEST!. !. METRIC (US). Volume Resistivity. D357. Ohms/cm. 5.9544x10⋀7. 1.4516x10⋀7. >2.000x10⋀13. Dielectric Strength. D150. KV/cm (V/mil). *. *. 142. Dielectric Constant. D150. 2.481. 2.454. 2.542. Surface Resistivity. 1% Carbon Black. D257. Ohms. 10⋀3. 10⋀3. 10⋀3. Static Decay. 1% Carbon Black
  • Polyetherimide
    index is 47%, one of the highest among the engineering thermoplastics. Smoke evolution, as measured in the NBS chamber test (ASTM E662), is low. Dielectric constant of PEI remains virtually unchanged between frequencies of 60 10° Hz and temperatures
  • PTFE And Hybrid Multilayer Bonding And Fabrication
    , to decrease overall printed circuit board (PCB) size. Third to provide additional thermal paths and increase the rigidity of the final assembly. There are basically two types of PTFE multilayers. One is an all PTFE substrate multilayer board (MLB) which is typically bonded with a low dielectric constant
  • Medical Device Link .
    are critical, such as electrophysiology probes and small-diameter flexible endoscopes. Made from high-strength toughened fluoropolymer (HSTF) and low-dielectric-constant expanded-PTFE materials, the cable maintains the desired level of performance through device flexure, abrasion occurring during

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