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  • Using a buffered rinse solution to minimize metal contamination after wafer cleaning
    front-end-of-line (FEOL) processes remain the industry s focus of concern regarding metal contamination issues, devices at the back end of line (BEOL) are similarly susceptible because metals adsorbed into the various interlevel dielectrics may change the dielectric constants and possibly diffuse
  • Electromagnetic NDT Testing
    electrical properties to the surrounding base material cause partial reflection of the waves. 2D and 3D images are created using the reflected waves that return to the surface. GPR methods can detect metal and non-metal objects or discontinuities when changes in dielectric constant occur in the material
  • Beryllia
    materials. Beryllia provides a thermal coefficient of expansion (TCE) intermediate to gallium arsenide and refractory metal composites, as well as low dielectric constant (6.7) and low loss index (0.0012 at 1 MHz), permitting improved circuit performance at high frequencies. Unlike nitrides, which
  • Available Humidity, Dew Point, and Moisture Sensors, Probes & Connectors
    sensors contain a glass substrate with a moisture sensitive polymer layer between two metal layers. By absorption of water, corresponding to the relative humidity, the dielectric constant and, as a result, the capacity of the thin-film capacitor are changing. The measuring signal is directly
  • MICRO:Building Copperopolis (Jan '99)
    insulator dielectric constants of 1.5 to 2.0. Copper is rapidly becoming the metallization material of choice to meet the evolving SIA requirements for metal line density, with IBM, TI, and Motorola taking the lead and initiating major copper programs. Copper's appeal includes its low resistivity (~1.7
  • MICRO: The Hot Button
    gate electrodes and high-dielectric-constant gate insulators, as well as thinner liners and lower-dielectric-constant materials for wiring, the microelectronics industry is seeking to introduce new materials and device structures at an unprecedented rate. New materials are also the key
  • Capacitive sensors
    electrostatic field. A nonmetallic target entering the field increases the dielectric constant between the plates, raising the amplitude of the oscillations. The higher amplitude triggers a level detection circuit to turn the output of the sensor on. It turns off again when the target leaves
  • Humidity sensors
    Relative humidity, or RH, is the percentage of moisture in the air referenced to the maximum level of moisture the air can hold at that temperature and pressure. Relative humidity sensors come in both capacitive and resistive versions. Humidity changes the dielectric constant of the insulating

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