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  • Dielectric Properties of Epoxies
    barrier between two conductors (as in cross over and multi-layered. circuits) and for encapsulating circuits. Dielectric properties, specifically for epoxy adhesives, refer to the electrical properties of a material.
  • Using Mold Release Agents with Epoxy Adhesives
    . – Increasing the dielectric performance of the circuit. – Thermal management and general heat dissipation. Casting usually refers to epoxy potted electronics that are removed or recovered. from a mold. They can also be described as “casted electronics” or “casted. electronic components”. Conversely, when
  • Medical Device Link .
    , but retains thermal stability to 325 C. When cured fully, it provides a lap shear strength of 1800 psi. Other product features include a dielectric constant of 4.1 and a dissipation factor of 0.027. The material has a shelf life of two weeks when stored at a temperature of 25 C. One-part adhesive offers
  • Theory and Application of RF/Microwave Absorbers
    This white paper explores the theory and application of microwave absorbers. It includes relevant equations for absorber operation and descriptions of several applications. It also includes a survey of the different types of absorbers (magnetic, dielectric, foam, elastomer, etc.) as well
  • AN0001 Polymer Termination
    dielectric breakdown leading to capacitor failure in service. In order to reduce the possibility of mechanically cracking multilayer ceramic capacitors Syfer in conjunction with customers has been actively developing a new termination material. This termination is a silver loaded epoxy polymer
  • FlexiCap TM - Reducing Mechanical Cracking on PCBs
    range of Multilayer Capacitors to permit greater degrees of board bending without damage to capacitors. The multilayer ceramic chip capacitor is the capacitor of choice for surface mount applications. There are generally three dielectric categories available; C0G [NP0], X7R and Y5V. Sizes usually range
  • Application: High Frequency Reed Relays for Portable Radio Communication
    picofarads. • Dielectric strength across the contacts 200. volts. • Dielectric strength switch to coil 1000 Volts. min. • Contacts dynamically tested. Applications. • Ideal for switching high frequency matrices in. medical applications. • Any applications where frequencies and/or. fast digital pulses up
  • Multi-lead Organic Air-Cavity Package for High Power High Frequency RFICs
    A new air cavity package has been developed and. qualified for packaging high power RF components. The. package uses the standard outline of a conventional ceramic. package. The ceramic dielectric is replaced with a high. performance thermoplastic called QuantechTM (which is a. modified Liquid

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