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  • Lubricant Selection and Equipment Reliability: Is There a Connection?
    Tesco Services U. S. Division sells, leases and operates top drives for drilling rigs. The major components of a top drive are the diesel engine, the pump drive gear box, multiple gear driven pumps, and the top drive gear box. The competitive nature of our business demands that we provide highly
  • Effect of Diesel and Water Co-injection with Real-Time Control on Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions (.pdf)
    A system for injection of diesel fuel and water with realtime control, or real-time water injection (RTWI), was developed and applied to a heavy-duty diesel engine. The RTWI system featured electronic unit pumps that delivered metered volumes of water to electronic unit injectors (EUI) modified
  • Diesel Fuel Oil
    Across the world train transportation continues to be active. Every Locomotive Engine requires fuel. Every train yard should have refueling facilities. This requires pumps!! Blackmer GX and X model pumps are terrific at handling diesel fuels. Typically the viscosity is low (30-100 SSU). With zero
  • Internal Combustion Engines
    The most transportable and rugged sources of power are IC engines. Most industrial internal combustion (IC) engines in the low-power range, about 30 hp or less, are gasoline powered because diesel engines are too heavy and costly. For example, in a small engine-powered water pump, a gasoline engine
  • Going Mobile - Ultrasound Monitoring Diesel Engines (.pdf)
    Ultrasound as a predictive maintenance tool is used successfully in many industrial applications in industries of all kinds. It is used as an inspection tool for detecting positive and negative pressure leaks such as those found in compressed air systems or vacuum pumps. Some industrial processes
  • Five pumps power blast-hole drill
    it one of the most productive, according to company engineers. The rig's 1,500-hp diesel engine or 1,400-hp electric motor drive a custom-built gearbox that runs five pumps from Parker Hannifin's Hydraulic Pump Div., Marysville, Ohio. The pumps, in turn, power virtually the entire machine. According
  • Electric clutches on the go
    to be created so the armature does not make contact when the clutch is disengaged. Besides engaging the load, electric clutches can provide original equipment manufacturers and users the following benefits: In applications where several pumps operate off one engine, an electric clutch on each pump
  • Keep cool, save money
    the benefits of using hydraulic fan drives to provide on-demand cooling of diesel engines. Such benefits include: These benefits result from the hydraulic fan drawing less power than a belt-driven fan and from operating a diesel engine at its optimum temperature. Operating temperature has a twofold

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