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    Stroboscope Instruments - (89 companies)
    Stroboscope Instruments Information. Stroboscope instruments are used for inspection and observation of moving parts by freezing or slowing down the action of an object. The term "stroboscope" is an expression derived from the Greek... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    ...incorporate turbochargers designed to boost the combustion engine's efficiency. Turbochargers are found most commonly alongside gasoline and diesel IC engines. Flex fuel or multi-fuel engines are designed to be compatible with multiple different... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Engine Starters - (54 companies)
    ...are available for engines of all sizes, and include products other than just electric motors. Applications. Engine starters are used in many applications including: Gasoline, marine, and diesel engines. Portable generators. Mining equipment. Construction... Learn More
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    Search Engine Software - (11 companies)
    ...engine software is available for web search engines, selection-based search engines, metasearch engines, desktop search tools, and specialized applications for web portals and vertical market websites. Selecting Search Engine Software. Selecting... Learn More
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    Stirling engines produce mechanical power through the cyclic compression and expansion of compressible fluids, such as air and gases, by interaction with a heat source. Stirling engines produce mechanical power through the cyclic compression... Learn More
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    ...engine and engine component repair services are critical to engine performance and longevity. Engine repair and engine component repair services are performed on many different types of engines and engine components including but not limited to jet... Learn More
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    How to Select Tool Boxes and Cabinets. Tool boxes and cabinets are enclosed cases for storing, organizing, and carrying tools. They are also used to protect tools from outside weather elements. Construction. Tool boxes and cabinets are generally... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • Development and Implementation of a Variable Valve Actuation System to a HD Diesel Engine
    Figure 34 Arrangement study for a valve lift measuring system CONCLUSION In this paper the development of a variable valve actuation system for use as a research tool on a HD single cylinder research engine is described. The project is driven by the demands of alternative Diesel combustion systems on more degrees of freedom... ...causes the desired thermodynamic shift, which is controllable with the IVC timing By stroboscope measurements with a...
  • Comparison of Spray Characteristics in Butane and Diesel Fuels by Numerical Analysis
    ...liquid core breakup, droplet size distribution and evaporating process are likely to differ from those of diesel . In the past decades, multi dimensional models of the physical processes in engines have been used as an effective exploratory tool . ...a solid cone spray in a steady state were visualized by shadow photography using a stroboscope [2].
    The stroboscope is used for backlight illumination of the jets in the liquid bath. lt is operated Such multihole nozzles require a new combustion system to be developed for high-speed direct-injection Diesel engines (161. ...following section. the phase-Doppler and extended phase-Doppler techniques are discussed as tools for the investigation...
  • Condition Assessment Survey (CAS) Program. Deficiency standards and inspections methods manual: Volume 8, 0.08 Mechanical, Book 2
    This guide applies to ali non-standard procedures for gasoline/ diesel /propane engines and related components (fittings, valves, strainers, insulation, etc.) installed as drives in building utility systems. Obtain necessary tools , equipment, and materials. or stroboscope : .
  • Recent Electrical Engineering Developments in the United States of America
    ...are being applied to the study of strains in vital parts of machine tools ; electric plug gauges... ...m.; inductor dynamometers in pairs turn in opposite directions to test geared airplane engines with two contra... A synchronized stroboscope gives a stationary pattern for viewing the register of cloth printing at any speed... Light-service diesel -electric locomotives are finding enlarged application in switching and branch-line traffic; in some...
  • Laser Material Processing
    The whole analysis is done without interfering with the flow in any way and can be done remotely; for example, to measure the flow within a diesel engine while it is operating. ...blade is now set in motion and the blade is illuminated by a stroboscope at the moment... This amazing tool allows flow visualisation, vibration analysis and many other unique measurements to be made, yet...
  • Performance of Prototype High Pressure Swirl Injector Nozzles for Gasoline Direct Injection develop and optimize HPSIs, and also carmakers to apply them into GDI engines [3, 4, 5... ...the information for GDI application has not been so comprehensive so far, as compared with diesel injectors. Back light method was used for spray image grabbing with a stroboscope as a light source. ...cylinder connected with a high pressure fuel tank was used as a pumping tool considering durability and...
  • Flash / Meters
    461825 - Combination Photo Tachometer/Stroboscope 2-in-1 Meter with stroboscope to analyze rotating objects and Tachometer to... ...and trend analysis and stored in onboard flash memory for future retrieval with the File Manager tool . ...Panel Mount) Inductive panel mounted meters offer OEMs a simple way to monitor true engine run hours.? The MotorTACH does NOT require any external power and can be used on Diesel engines, Compressors, Heating...
  • Direct microscopic image and measurement of the atomization process of a port fuel injector
    ...these new manifold designs due to better cylinder filling, so the fuel economy, engine power and degradation... Droplet stroboscope techniques, which are good for freezing the movement, have been used to observe droplet deformation... ...literature uses this high- speed video camera to capture the macroscopic properties of diesel fuel spray [17... A brief description of these tools is provided in this section. .
  • (
    ...for cutting male (external) screw threads on screws or bolts or pipes or rods'). g(103160228,'an internal-combustion engine that burns heavy oil'). g(103160381,'a locomotive driven by the electric current generated by a diesel engine '). g(103160544,'a... ...contains a full character set for each printing position'). g(103216778,'a power tool used for sanding...'). g(103404824,'a gas-discharge tube with a hot cathode; used in stroboscopes '). g(103404941...
    Work holders for machine- tools QSUK Parts/accessories for electricity, gas, liquid supply; production meters, revolution counters, taximeters, pedometers, speed indictors, tachometer, stroboscopes QSYZ Motor vehicles with a semi- diesel or diesel engine .
  • Simulation-based evaluation of fuel consumption in heavy construction projects by monitoring equipment idle times
    ample is when the equipment engine runs on idle to maintain cabin conditions for operator’s comfort (e... ...change the viewing angle, modify the scale of equipment models, and other common tools that facilitate the... ...the impact of idling on fuel use and CO2 emissions of non- road diesel construction equipment, Lewis... choose between different operational strategies and plans, DES models were developed in Stroboscope , an open source...
  • An empirical correlation between spray dispersion and spray tip penetration from an edge detection of visualized images under the flow condition of a solid bod...
    ...water makes it possible to observe the developing and mixing processes of the spray using a stroboscope . It was found that the tangential velocity is linear with the radial position in the chamber, thus closely simulating the swirl flow characteristics inside a diesel engine combustor, that is, solid-body rotation (Lee et al., 1997). In the next step, pushing ‘Magic wand tool button’ creates an image mask by extracting the region...