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A 9 Bit DIFM Receiver for Ka-Band
construction and performance of the complete DIFM receiver with special attention given to the CAD techniques based on circuit modelling to allow

Design and simulation of microwave front end of a DIFM...
Design and simulation of microwave front end of a DIFM receiver using COTS

List of Figures
Total HVAC Aftermarket: DIY versus DIFM Shares (North America), 2002

List of Figures
Total Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Aftermarket: DIFM versus DIY Service (North America), 2001

Denial of bistatic hosting by spatial-temporal waveform design...
the level of masking of the radar signal received by a bistatic radar receiver, and the suppression of the masking signal in the host radar echo.

COTS Journal | Articles
Some of these can be conveniently put to use in the DIFM receiver. The DIFM receiver uses this indirect technique for frequency measurement.

DIFAR - What does DIFAR stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations...
Direction Finding Acoustic Receiver DIFAR

high reliability custom Integrated Microwave Assmblies, DIFM Receivers, Microwave Receiver Front-Ends, RF Switching Matrices, Frequency Synthesizers,
See AKON, Inc. Profile & Catalog

high reliability custom integratedmicrowave assemblies, DIFM receivers, microwave receiver front-ends, RF switching matrices, frequencysynthesizers,
See AKON, Inc. Profile & Catalog

NAHB: Glossary of Home Technology Terms*
A/V Receiver (Receiver) An audio or audio/video component that combines a turner, preamplifier and power amplifier in a single chassis.
See National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Information

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